1 Exciting Week for NFT, Play-to-Earn & Oracles

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2021-11-08 08:30:21

Hi guys, this is the “On The Road” Series, with the purpose of summarizing the week through Infographic images, to provide market insights in the most intuitive way for you.

Coming to number 35 of the series, some outstanding information can be mentioned such as: Cosmos and Terra’s ecosystem, Oracle’s huge number of customers, TVL volume of ecosystems, the heat of NFT and other technologies. play-to-earn game…

Let’s go into the details!

Market overview for the week

A glance at the TOP 30 most interested projects on Coingecko, we can see that the attention of the community in the past week is mainly for NFT coins, Play-to-earn games. Especially this week, there are a lot of “animal” tokens such as SHIB, KUMA, BABYDOGE, ..

The source: CHK Analytics

Highlights of week 44

Last week was a pretty explosive week for NFT, Metaverse and games play-to-earn.

  • The DEX floor of the famous game Axie Infinity has officially been put into use.
  • Enjin has just launched a huge fund package of $100 M to develop the Metaverse Efinity ecosystem.
  • Avalanche also just launched a $200 M fund package dedicated to ecosystem development and innovation.
The source: CHK Insights

Fundraising events last week

My brother and I looked back at the projects that called for capital in the past week, the number of funds raised was up to $1 B, a huge number.

  • The Digital Currency Group company raised $700M through the sale of shares, attracting whales like Capital G-Google, SoftBank.
  • NFT projects and play-to-earn titles have also received investments of hundreds of millions of dollars.
The source: CHK Insights

News highlights in the DeFi Category

Amount of TVL on ecosystems

Let’s also take a look at the TVL count of blockchains. Of course, the leader is still ETH with $172 B, followed by BSC with $34.4 B, Solana with 14.64 B and a bunch of other familiar names such as: Avalanche, Terra, Tron,…

The source: CHK Analytics

Number of customers of Oracle projects

To evaluate the potential and growth of an Oracle project, the number of customers that Oracle is serving is one of the most important information, to quantify revenue through providing Oracle’s solution. project.

Leading in the Oracle solution is still Chainlink with the number of customers far ahead of other projects: 908 projects. Followed by Berry Data and Band Protocol with the number of projects 108 and 74 respectively.

The source: CHK Analytics

NFT projects that receive a lot of attention

Let’s take a look at the most interesting names in the NFT field through social signals. As you can see, CateCoin still receives the most interest with more than 30k points, followed by Tezos and NFTBOOKS, Axie Infinity has cooled down after weeks at the top of the rankings.

The source: CHK Insights

The projects Binance Labs has invested in

The source: CHK Insights

Binance Labs is a well-known name in the field of investment funds. You can see very famous and successful names such as: Oracle Band Protocol project, FTX exchange, cult NFT game Axie Infinity and many others.

With such a successful investment. Binance Labs will definitely continue to roll out funding for potential projects in the future.

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Highlights in Ecosystems

Cosmos Ecosystem

The Cosmos ecosystem is on the rise, there are currently 259 DApps growing inside the Cosmos ecosystem. Some of the prominent chains in this ecosystem include Terra (LUNA), Thorchain, Kava, Injectives, and hundreds of others.

Last month, Cosmos system reached 1 million transactions IBC. Generation Cosmos is at its peak, let’s also take a look at the number of apps and services available on the system.

Explore more: Overview of the Cosmos . ecosystem

The source: CHK Insights

Terra ecosystem with a large number of NFT projects

From a small Blockchain in Cosmos, Terra of today has become one of the largest TVL ecosystems today. Terra’s number of applications and NFTs has reached nearly 200 large and small applications, including more than 80 NFT projects.

With a large number of projects, the Terra ecosystem will certainly receive a lot of attention from the community.

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The source: CHK Insights

Upcoming events in week 45

End the week with the heat of NFT and play-to-earn games. Let’s take a look at the events that will come next week.

As you can see, next week there will be:

  • 3 projects posted mainnet are Cronos, Skey Network, BOSON.
  • Next we will have Faraland’s monthly burn event.
  • Lots of upcoming auction and airdrop events.

You can pay attention and participate!


The market is in the peak of the year, the famous ecosystems have also fully updated. This is the hottest moment for NFT projects, memecoins as well as play-to-earn games. However, before investing, you should consider carefully and carefully to avoid risks.

In summary, the information to pay attention to in the past week includes:

  • Amount of TVL on ecosystems.
  • Number of customers of Oracle projects.
  • Social signal index of NFT projects on BSC.
  • Cosmos Ecosystem.
  • Terra Ecosystem.
  • Events for week 45.

See you in the next issue of “On The Road”. Don’t forget to subscribe and join CHK Insights’ groups and channels below to discuss with admins and other community members:


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