10 flowers symbolize friendship

10 flowers symbolize friendship


2021-04-01 20:53:05

Each flower has its own language and conveys a message through its beauty. There are flowers representing love, friendship, teacher-student friendship, strength … Based on the meaning of each flower, we can choose the right flower to give to the right person at the right time. Here are some flowers symbolizing friendship, let’s see.

1. Yellow roses

Yellow rose symbolizes sincere, carefree and close friendship that many people use to give friends every birthday.

The gold rose giver wants to send the joys, smiles and sincerest love to his friends.

2. Periwinkle flowers

Periwinkle flowers

Periwinkle flowers are known as the flowers that bring luck to friends. You can send your close friends periwinkle flowers instead of sincere, best wishes and wish to maintain a long-term friendship.

3. Irises


Because iris is considered a flower symbolizing courage and bringing faith and good hope in life.

This is a flower chosen by many people as gifts for friends and partners on birthdays, good health … This is a great gift for you to show your support, want to overcome your friends. difficulties, keeping beautiful friendships.

4. Peruvian lilies

Peruvian lilies

The meaning of Peruvian lily is the friendship and wholehearted devotion, showing trust, attachment and sincerity among friends. So this is the right flower to make a birthday gift or a graduation gift for your friends.

Its color, uniqueness and meaningful message attract many people.

5. Camellia

tea flower

Camellia possesses a very unique, unique and fragrant beauty. This is a flower symbolizing grace, elegance, pride, humility, luck, fortune and goodness.

If you want to send a message that wants your friend to always have good luck, show admiration for your friend, camellia will be a great choice.

6. Heather flowers


Heather is a small flower of many different colors, has thin single petals and is extremely powerful.

Heather represents a new friendship so it is a great choice when you are looking to give new acquaintances to express your sincere heart.

Heather is also meant to bring luck, so it is often used as a gift for people before they enter an important exam.

Sun Flower

Yellow sunflowers like the sun are flowers symbolizing eternal friendship, expressing trust and care between friends for each other. Therefore, many people often choose sunflowers as gifts for friends on special occasions. In addition, sunflowers are gifted with the desire to heal broken relationships.

8. Red carnation

Red carnation

The red carnation represents adoration, respect and fervent love. Therefore, when talking about friendship, people immediately think of red carnation flowers with each red petals layered, intertwined like overwhelming affection and also a wish to their friend. always succeed and shine like that bright red color.

9. Blue tulips

Blue tulips

Tulips come in many colors with many different meanings. But blue tulips are flowers that symbolize friendship. Giving your friends a bouquet of blue tulips is a great way to show your absolute trust, bond, and support.

10. Chrysanthemum


The chrysanthemum, the flower we are familiar with is known for many different meanings, one of which is friendship. A bouquet of white, purple, or blue chrysanthemums sent in will help you show your support and always overcome all challenges with your friends.


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