10% of the time the Justice League Snyder Cut is slow-motion footage

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2021-03-27 07:44:57

Apparently, when you pay attention to that, you will ask yourself: exactly how long are these slow-motion shots?

Here’s the answer: according to IGN’s calculations, at least 10% of the time this movie is played in slow motion. IGN’s Simon Cardy, with help from slow motion expert Matt Purslow, analyzed every second of the movie, filtering out any scenes that unfold at a slower rate than they really are (fluttering cloak, flaming flames , and the flapping waves are useful clues you can use to tell if the shot is slow motion or simply a slow panning of the camera). Leaving aside scenes where slow motion is not easily detected, we get a total of 24 minutes and 7 seconds (1,447 seconds) of slow motion movies.

The length of the Snyder Cut is 4 hours 1 minute 53 seconds (equivalent to 14,513 seconds), which means that 9.97% of the movie takes place in slow motion. If we subtract the credits, the movie only has 3 hours 53 minutes and 7 seconds, and now the slow motion rate will increase to 10.35%.

Is that information important or not? Not very big. Does the answer help satisfy your curiosity? Sure. Is slow motion too much? In terms of science, yes.

The next question now: how long will the Snyder Cut be if all slow motion scenes are reverted to their actual speed? According to IGN, it is quite sad that factors such as the degree of slow motion throughout the movie are not consistent, and it is difficult to determine the exact speed of actions performed by superheroes with similar powers. What god in the movie – it was all about making the transition from slow motion to actual speed impossible at this point. Perhaps in the future, we will have the answer to the second question?

If you have not seen Justice League by Zack Snyder, then this is probably the best movie worth watching in 2021. After a long journey full of events mixed with controversy, blockbuster has fallen into the past. appeared on HBO Max over the weekend, pushing Joss Whedon’s version of the game into space with more than 4 hours of choking action just as Zack Snyder had originally intended. The film was rated 8/10 by IGN, “a surprising testament to the director and the fans who have always believed in his vision”.

The most interesting thing right now is probably the information about the Justice League trilogy directed by Zack Snyder. Although Warner Bros insists he has no plans for Snyder in the future, he frequently reveals the reason for including the Knightmare sequence to set the setting for sequels, new superheroes, and more. others.

Reference: IGN

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