11 ways to find the lost TV remote quickly and efficiently

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2021-03-30 13:51:56

TV remote control (remote TV) is “an inseparable object” to the TV and is the device for you to use the TV most convenient. Therefore, when the TV remote control is lost, many people are often “angry” and frustrated. To avoid such negative feelings, check out our solutions below!

Check out possible places

Many people often leave the TV remote to control near the television or where they were sitting to watch television, usually on the sofa or on the bed. Therefore, the places around you to watch TV is the place with the highest ability for you to control.

Look in hard-to-see places

The remote is often covered by books, magazines, blankets and coats, or sandwiched between the slots and seats. Besides, the TV remote is also often placed on the top of the refrigerator, next to the kettle, bookshelf, drawer …

Remember where you went

Maybe you brought the remote with you and put it somewhere while thinking about something else. So, remember if you have control somewhere while going to the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or in front of the bathroom?

Also, if you have been eating or drinking for a few hours, check the refrigerator, as you may have left it on the top or nearby.

Remember where you went

Look in bed sheets or blankets

If you are someone who normally watches TV in bed, then this method is extremely effective. The TV remote is usually located under a bed or blanket. The best way is to thread your hand along the sheet until you feel something like the controls. If you still can’t find it, look around the bed, check areas like under the bed, bed legs …

Look in bed sheets

Ask other family members

If someone used the last TV remote, that person can give you a clue as to where the remote is located. Maybe the remote was placed where you don’t normally leave it or where you don’t normally.

Ask other family members

Determine who has the controller

Maybe your child brought the remote into the room and forgot to leave it behind. There’s also a possibility that someone has hidden the controls to tease you. Or maybe the dog grabbed the remote and carried it somewhere. Think about who can handle the controller.

Determine who has the controller

Help me

You should ask a friend or family member to help you, so you can both save time and be able to find control faster. Maybe controls people find in places where you never default to!

Attention and memorization

If you keep an eye on the control more, you will rarely have to go looking for it. Try to be mindful and aware every time you take control. Memorize the device’s visuals and the scene so you can remember where to control.

Keep in a fixed place

If you do not want to waste time looking for the remote then placing it in a permanent place is the best way. You can choose to keep it on the drinking table, next to the TV or in a container and place it on the sofa or water table or wherever you are most visible.

Keep in a fixed place

Make the controls stand out more

You can stick bright, reflective tape or tie ribbons, stick plastic pins to the device, or add any detail you feel that can make it look more impressive and stand out without a hitch. the features of the device are okay.

Make the controls stand out more

Install a GPS tracker for the remote

Currently, many companies sell small tracking devices linked to applications on smartphones. Please attach a tracking device to the TV remote in case you get lost. The smartphone will beep or blink when near the remote. Some applications even have the ability to find remote controls from you. However, location tracking devices are quite expensive.

Install a GPS tracker for the remote

Above are 11 ways to find control when it is lost. Use these ways to find the fastest control! Good luck!


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