12 apps to watch online football on the best TV, sharp images

12 apps to watch online football on the best TV, sharp images


2021-03-29 19:21:36

The smart TV not only provides TV channels but also provides rich entertainment and sports applications. If you are connected to the network, your home TV can access 12 applications below to watch the top matches with good quality, sharp images.

FPT Play

FPT Play can be used on most smart TV models of brands released from 2014 onwards. FPT Play owns a rich video store and channel list, especially an application for watching sports and sports TV channels for watching football online, watching …

FPT Play applies fee with:

1. VIP package (only available in Vietnam) to watch all TV, sports, feature films, and general entertainment contents on FPT Play (except for 4 K + channels and movies) and will not be affected. bothered by advertising at the price 115k / month for Viettel subscribers and 110k / month for MobiFone.

    • Compose Viettel: V to 9046 or MobiFone: FPTPLAY V NAP110 [SDT tài khoản] send to 9029

2. K + package (broadcast only in Vietnam) includes 4 channels K + 1, K + PM, K + NS, K + PC, can watch live Premier League (EPL), Champions League, Europa League and top sports leagues in the world. You pay 165K / month for Viettel subscribers and 154k / month for MobiFone subscribers.

    • Compose: K send to 9046 (165K / month) or MobiFone compose: FPTPLAY K NAP154 [SDT tài khoản] send to 9029

HTV Online

Currently, HTV Online is available on Samsung smart TVs, Samsung Internet TVs, Sony smart TVs … with domestic and foreign channels, diverse genres, including football. HTV Online is evaluated as an application free High quality, providing the audience with sharp images while viewing and running smoothly.

HTV Oline

Clip TV

Clip TV provides viewers with a huge entertainment repository with more than 160 domestic and foreign TV channels, including about 20 channels of HD picture quality with the ability to save great programs for up to 7 days and playback. . This is a cross-platform app with 100% copyrighted content, developed exclusively for stream users Android smart TV.

Clip TV


SopCast is an application to watch TV online free, famous for many links to watch quality football, sharp images. If you are using smart TV Android operating system or television is often combined with Android TV box, then you can install this application to comfortably watch exciting soccer matches.


Viet Mobi TV

Viet Mobi TV has about 160 channels, including domestic and international television and FM Radio channels. In addition to local channels, the app also includes sports channels VCTV, SCTV, Football TV, Sports TV, foreign sports channels such as Star Sport, Euro Sport, ESPN and K + channels all updated. full and stable.

Viet Mobi TV

Fly TV

Fly TV is an application to watch TV online free, owns hundreds of unique channels, including a rich list of sports channels. In addition, Fly TV also has a section that synthesizes live ball matches broadcast from many other channels, making it easy to choose the football match you want to watch.

Fly TV for Android smart TV or TV is often combined with Android TV box. If you want to use the app, you must install it on the TV with an apk file.

Fly TV


VTVgo is an application to watch TV online free of Vietnam Television Station. You can watch live, watch again thanks to the largest exclusive video in Vietnam, divided into many areas, easily find the program you want to watch.

Currently, VTVgo supports online viewing of Vietnamese television channels VTV1, VTV2, VTV3, VTV4, VTV5, VTV6, VTV7, VTV8, VTV9 and VTV5 of the South West. VTVgo broadcasts many live sports programs at home and abroad.



VTC Now is the complete application free with users. In addition to broadcasting domestic and international sports programs, VTC Now also has the companionship and commentary of many veteran characters and experts in the sports industry, to meet the needs and bring more Interesting experience for the audience.



VTVcab ON specializes in providing copyrighted digital entertainment content on multiple platforms in Vietnam free. Is an application that satisfies the needs of the audience for the top sports leagues in the world. This application is supported running on many platforms such as smart phones, Android TV and the new generation VTVCab OnFuture 4K receiver.


MyTV, formerly known as MyTV Net, officially changed to a new name from January 1, 2021. This is a large application, providing nearly 200 selected domestic and international TV channels, including 70 channels. HD television. You can watch live or replay football matches at home and abroad or the news and side events shown in the last 24 hours. MyTV applies charges from 42,000 VND to 130,000 VND per TV per month.


TalkTV is an application mainly for gamers or streamers in general and streamers in particular to communicate online with the online community. However, it is also a place that regularly distributes free football matches every week. TalkTV’s advantage is its fast download speed, complete viewing free But this software also has the disadvantage of the poor quality of the match compared to the above applications.


WETV for Android TV

WETV currently has more than 200 TV channels including domestic and foreign. You can watch complete football and sports channels free. This application has a pretty good download speed and relatively high quality. However, during viewing will appear more advertisements than other TV applications.


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