12 Best Free Ebooks for Web Designer

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2021-03-27 07:42:05

The first time we have to sit down to design a website, surely all of us feel extremely tired and depressed. Personally, I feel exhausted. I had to open up to 300 browser tabs at the same time but couldn’t tell which source helped me solve any problems. Because of that, I had to stop all work and examine my abilities and reshape, in the end, whether I knew what I was doing.

From my own experience, I found that, the document is what determines the change When you want to start learning to be one Web designer – the designer of the website. Instead of storing piles of reference tabs, I found that better Candlestick Find quality resources that have everything you need. Little but quality!

And this is exactly where you will find luck for yourself: Here is the stockpile consisting of 13 free but extremely high quality eBooks, gives you resources, examples and tips on how to be the best Web designer (and earn money from this job).

First of all, read the book “The Ultimate Guide to Landing a Junior Web Design Job“- The ebook from the website specializing in web deisgn and web development Skillcrush helps anyone who wants to know how to set foot in the web design world.

Web Field Manual

Web Field Manual is an eye-catching and well-structured guide. This guide provides the reader with all the do’s and don’ts, and also tells you the best sites with lots of information related to web design.

For example, you don’t know anything about photo grid (grids) and typography? Instead of spending hours searching google until finger “tired“You can absolutely learn the basic tips (without spending too much time) and get to know useful resources.

The Ultimate HTML Guide for Beginners

If you are building programming language HTML website, book ebook “The Ultimate HTML Guide for Beginners“This will help you break things down so you can easily learn how to do them. I can’t remember how many times I copied the e-book and program it on my website.

The Magic of CSS

Do you see CSS as bland and insignificant? If so, think again! The Magic of CSS is a fun and entertaining guide to learn about CSS in a highly interactive way.

One of my favorite parts in this book is: Each “lesson“Is accompanied by real-world examples, so you can understand how to turn coding codes into real website design.And this is extremely useful for those just starting out in design).

4. Speaking JavaScript

Speaking JavaScript

Similar to The Ultimate HTML Guide for Beginners and The Magic of CSS, Speaking JavaScript Support you to confidently solve any project related to JavaScript programming.

See the book here: speakingjs.com/es5

Designing for the Web

If you look at any list, website or reference system for your web design work, the ebook Designing for the Web of Mark Boulton will always be among them. Boulton has been successful in breaking down the basic design principles and only the reader knows the process of them “change“Into the Internet how are we using it?”

In addition, Mark Boulton also goes into detail about web design as a business and everything you need to make a profit from it.

Getting Real

This always-on-focus book is a favorite choice of many Web designers because it delves into everyday problems as we design a website and offers practical solutions that are easy to follow. deal with them. Especially the problems range from common bugs to particular difficult cases.

Whether you’re trying to leverage your web design skills as a freelancer, start-up project or partnering up with someone else, I guarantee you will find a wealth of useful information from your ebook. this.

How to Be Creative

As a beginner web designer, it’s easier to get caught up in simple techniques and functions instead of practicing thinking how to design products that are both visual and functional. Author Hugh Mac Leod gave unique perspectives on what you are designing and why you are designing it. Surely this ebook will become the best companion in your creative process.

The Guide to Mockups

You can try out automated web design programming, but it would be a mess nothing more (especially when you are just starting out). With The Guide to MockupsYou will be given a treasure trove of information to create these mock-up (miniatures), wireframes (a visualization tool that presents proposed web functionality, structure, and content) and prototypes (sampleThis allows you to not only guide the design process, but also develop a clear vision of your work.

Time Management for Creative People

While web design is not the main subject of this book, it is also a perfect choice for those working in the creative field who are accustomed to completing projects on time. and want your work to be as efficient as possible.

When you first start, you may feel overwhelmed because there are so many things to do and don’t know how to keep progress, this author’s ebook. Mark McGuinness will help you learn useful tips and tricks to get the most out of your work.

50 Ways to Please Your Customers

Today, web designers are facing a new challenge, even 15 years ago no one had any idea of ​​it, that is: mobile design (mobile design). This wonderful ebook will introduce you to the metrics and accurate information about design approach along with mobile experience in mindset and how to create extremely attractive websites on all mobile devices.

And believe me: Lots of customers are willing to pay big sums of money for websites that are both interesting, useful and both β€œdotted cardboard cardboard“With any electronic device (phone, tablet or computer).

Pixel Perfect Precision

Pixel Perfect Precision is an ebook “Miraculous“In the true sense. It goes into design knowledge and basic user experience principles, even better helping you practice and practice the knowledge it gives you.

12. The UX Reader

The UX Reader

MailChimp’s critically acclaimed work is a series of lengthy essays written by the User Experience Design team (User Experience) of this company, who discussed and studied together how to create effective collaboration on creative projects.

You will inevitably have to work in groups with others at some point (because you don’t always design the web on your own), so this is a very useful guide to help your teamwork get the most out of your team.

Unfortunately this book is no longer officially free, but you can still find other copies online.

In short, with just 12 great eBooks listed above, nothing is impossible in your design career. So, what are you waiting for, let’s start researching, practicing, applying and creating flawless beautiful websites right away!

Don’t forget to download the free version The Ultimate Guide to Landing a Junior Web Design Job – The perfect ebook for anyone wondering how to break into the web design world.

Author: Lily Herman

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Having fun!


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