12 poems about the establishment of the Youth Union, and poems about the Youth Union March 26 are good and meaningful

12 poems about the establishment of the Youth Union, and poems about the Youth Union March 26 are good and meaningful

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2021-04-10 18:43:12

Here are good poems about the founding of the Youth Union, good poems about the Youth Union praising the spirit of Vietnamese youth, not taking a step back from all difficulties and conflicts in the cause of national construction and defense. .

On the occasion of the 26th – March 2021 anniversary, let’s read some good poems about the establishment of the 26th – 3rd Division.

Poetry about Youth Union

March 26

Today March 26
It was the day of our union’s founding
My young friends!
Together we learn to rise up
Determined to get higher scores
Dazzling red ten on my notebook
Emulation of labor harmony
Build a warm home country.

Feeling Union

Celebrate the second and sixth of March
Youth joy source jubilantly blooming
Eight or six years of continuous greatness
Because the people for the country offer merit.

I love the Union like flowers and leaves
Glory group in the middle of spring
Mentally pushing me to try
To rise up the ranks of the delegation.

I love Doan, how much I love
What moment can describe my heart
May one try my best friend
To deserve to be a good member.

Come on, my friend is firm and solid
Step on the road to the past generations
Put away your singing and do more
To make our country more and more beautiful.

Celebrate spring, celebrate the ” Youth Month ”

Happy spring, in the “youth month”
Youth volunteered to all regions to join the army,
Winter – Spring Service Department, …
Overcoming difficult spirit passion.

Towns to villages
Flushed up, the delegation came back and forth
For the happiness of each house
Youth volunteering in mixed days.

“Youth month” decided to hand out
“Digging and filling tanks” built his hometown
Promoting glorious traditions
Go on the road to protect the good land of the homeland.

Spring review school miles
Thank the Party for pointing the way, marking the way
Industrialize and modernize the country
The companionship urged me to do my best.

For the people, for the water to be sacrificed
People rich in countries are strong, prosperous, and sustainable
Spring urges young people
Rise up worthy party news, people celebrate.

The congress of the delegation has drawn the way
Build a strong Union, beautiful and rich hometown
May the shock always go first
Spring forever after glorious.

Light Delegation

Today is March 26
It is the anniversary of our Union’s birth
The delegation named radiant Uncle Ho
Thousands of flowers bloom, beautiful, and pink,
The future of mountains and rivers
Inheriting the tradition of the heroic father
Despite storms and storms
Under the flag, Volunteer to take the lead
Beautiful happy life pigeons
Floating raging in the middle of the blue sky
We study hard
Passionately training to become a Union member
Every good point per job
It is a beautiful blooming flower for the delegation.

Proud Youth Union

Pride Youth Union

March 2nd and 6th
Date of founding our delegation
Through all the waves and waves
The delegation also passed.

As a pioneer organization
For the younger generation
The delegation emphasized the way of life
And work passionately.

Since we have our Union
How useful activities are
How steps help
On all the roads.

Union help us
Every day grow up
Raise action – thinking
More and more mature.

Oh, Son of the National Father
There is the Party, the Youth Union leading
Proud and grateful
Please a lifetime of dedication!

Welcome our team

Welcome March 6th
It was the day of our union’s founding
Bright red flag held high
Our team followed his father’s words.

Experiencing the smoke and fire of war
According to Uncle Ho’s teachings, it is difficult not to back down
Mirror hero shines bright
I vow to preserve forever.

Each step takes each step forward
Our team continues to write the golden history
Today’s festival day
Congratulations on giving so many high scores.

Dang Doan

Today March two six
It was the day of our union’s founding
We are radiantly excited
Take care of studying into a good student
Point 10, point 9 purely
With respectful achievements to the delegation.

The young brothers and sisters
We all work together to move forward
Helping the Union become stronger and stronger
Building the country more and more beautiful.

March 26th Youth Day

Hey young man!
You are a class of young people,
Of the country of Vietnam.
We admire,
Young generation of you.
Because we know that:
The country is invaded,
You guys are very enthusiastic,
On the front line to fight the enemy,
Fight and sacrifice,
For the country of peace,
Independence and freedom,
Rice is full and warm clothes.
In normal life,
Did many good deeds:
Like volunteering in the blue sea,
Take my class to school,
That I went through,
Nice clean environment,
For a beautiful life.
You are the class of people:
Enriched the country,
Beautify your country,
Glory the country.
Hope you guys move forward,
Go fast forward,
Achieving dream aspirations,
That the country expected.
As of March 26,
Please have the lyrics,
Send beautiful flowers instead,
For the young generation of Vietnam!


That memory I remember forever
My sacred moment was admitted to the Youth Union
The whole earth and sky that day as bright
In front of the flag, uncle solemnly
Oh happy to be shouted prayers
For my homeland I sacrificed myself
Because the people I serve forget
Always ready for a beautiful life
Big heart always beat the same ideal
Bringing strength with our team steadfastly
In the early afternoon breath I remember forever
That memory throughout my life when entering the Union

For today, for tomorrow
Technology delegation did not fade enthusiasm
Glorious scientific path
Together drunk in the dawn of the country
A powerful arm to our Party
Because the whole nation is full of joy.

Thank you, Uncle

I sat there awake all night
Sleepless nights do not end melancholy
Helping the People, Party and Revolution
Save all the people who are destitute and miserable
Today the country is peaceful
Vietnam misses the uncle who does not forget
The country is moving forward day by day
Thanks to Uncle Ho Chi Minh’s Party.

When the lover is a Youth Union officer

When the person you love is a Youth Union officer
Base more than dating
If you want to write something, you must write a letter briefly
Should be good at writing is normal.

When the person you love is a Youth Union officer
Meeting nights are often very busy
The waiting session is often the same cold moon
Should compose poetry very true love poetry.

When the person you love is a Youth Union officer
Collective living in harmony, dear
Whether jealous or jealous has to hide it all
I am also naturally very tolerant.

When the person you love is a Youth Union officer
Or sing, or sing, or joke, or talk
I suddenly became excited
How old still counts youth.

When the person you love is a Youth Union officer
I often do, wrap myself in the work
Agency commended himself for his diligent diligence
Collective love me, I thank you again.

With the fire illuminating the group day and night
In my soul a crimson aura
When I took the officer as a wife
Means willing to accept all …
Resolution of love.


In my twenties I was me
Filled with enthusiasm, boiling talent
Youth brighten the future
Vow to dedicate to glorious tomorrow.
Summer cicadas are hot and sunny
I have volunteered green shirt on me
Many countryside is difficult to love
Teach me poetry, I feel bigger.
Help the elderly stay lonely
The roof is less leaking, the garden is lush.
Send love with a smile
How many people really feel beautiful?
Kind heart to give
Gift, a distant country shirt
Youth, strong knowledge
Rubber covered the mountain lyrics …
The summer comes jubilantly
Blue volunteered to love the motherland.


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