13th Anniversary Bitcoin Whitepaper

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2022-01-11 17:03:36

BTC price yesterday continued to hold above the $60,000 level. By the end of October, the Bitcoin price was in line with Plan B’s prediction, we’ll wait and see if Plan B’s predictions are still correct in the following months.

Altcoins do not have much volatility, major altcoins have a slight correction. The on-chain data also hasn’t changed much since the last update. BTC deposit and withdrawal difference is not much. And ETH continued to be withdrawn from the exchange more than deposited even though the price reached a new high.

Bitcoin has been around for 13 years, and the anniversary of the birth of the Bitcoin white paper started a historic revolution. Up to now, BTC has grown stronger and more mature.

On the anniversary of the white paper (Whitepaper) of Bitcoin was born, let’s take a look at the history of BTC.

Created by an anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, who has great credit for the birth of BTC. But as of now, anyone can be “Satoshi Nakamoto” by its decentralized feature. Everyone can participate in contributing, developing in many different ways simply from joining, using, hosting or technical development programmers, …

To create Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto relied on the foundation from the previous generation to leave as technology, the ideas born from birth have been rekindled since 1974.

So the anonymity of Satoshi Nakamoto may be the way he wants all others to be able to contribute, regardless of space, time, country, … to the development of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin started very small, just a few cents, and has grown to more than $60,000 in just 13 years. But in that time until now, Bitcoin has been met with a lot of criticism, resistance and famous people saying that Bitcoin is going to die (red spots-picture below).

Or the times when Bitcoin had a “civil war” in the developer community. This event led to Bitcoin’s chain split into current Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Starting from the ground up in the white paper, Bitcoin will become a peer-to-peer exchange cryptocurrency. To date, BTC has gone beyond and become a store of value. Like the Internet was born with the original purpose for military use or Facebook wanted to create an environment to connect students at the same school, but today, any industry, anyone can use it. So the evolution of Bitcoin is always changing and evolving dynamically to be more relevant is understandable.

Bitcoin still offers big differences, unlimited change. Those who believe, invest and support BTC also contribute to the development of BTC in the future. BTC is still a very small market compared to other markets such as gold, stocks, forex,… and the development of Bitcoin still has great potential..

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