15 New Year poems for your baby or meaningful

15 New Year poems for your baby or meaningful

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2021-05-08 08:05:52

Poems about Tet for children, New Year poems for children, New Year poems for grandparents, New Year poems for parents, New Year poems for teachers … good and short, easy to memorize below are suggestions for father Mom can teach your baby to memorize and give it to everyone in the coming New Year’s Day 2021. These good poems about Tet are not only meaningful Tet wishes for everyone, but also help children better understand Tet, improve their vocabulary.

Poems about Tet for children

Tet comes to the alley

Author: Nlp Trinh

Mai, peach blossom
Loc knows spring branch
The baby asked happily
Is Tet coming?
Happy New Year dyeing

Where families reunite
Tet blows away the cold
Bring warmth home
Tet love baby very much

Get dressed in new clothes
Rong plays without worry
More lucky money again
Hurry to welcome Tet

The baby ran in a hurry
Tet, Tet, Tet
Is it the lane?

Cherry flower and apricot flower

Author: Le Binh

Peach likes cold
The rain splashed
Hoa Mai is just drunk,
Sunny, a bit windy

Cherry blossoms red
Plum flower inlaid with gold
See spring to come
The competition is in full bloom

Spring converges
Joy, smile
Dao and Mai are in full bloom
Beautiful in two directions.


Use to use
Take your child out.
Spring is here
Bright spring light.

White fluffy clouds
Floating in the blue sky.
The wind blew
Brilliant high.

The garden is immense
Young grass green.
Fresh peach blossoms
Warm spring garden
Chirping chirping birds.

Tet is coming, right?

Author: Nlp Trinh

Tet is coming, right?
Baby’s expectations are worn out
Wait to hang out
Wait for the lucky money

Tet is coming, right?
Spring travel with mother
Watch the plum blossoms in full bloom
Welcome peace

Tet is coming, right?
Ignore everything incubation
Nurturing dreams
For a year of hope

Tet is coming, right?
Family reunited as well
Say goodbye
Everything will come.

Poem Hoa Mai

(Education Publishing House)

Flowers bloom today
Why is it called apricot flower?
Yellow flowers – silk gold
Flowers are white – white like clouds.

Flowers can not be seen in seasons
Tet comes, new flowers bloom
Must flowers are the messenger
Spring sent?

Look at the blooming apricot blossom
I’m glad to be one year older
Big, more must learn.
The more obedient, the more obedient!

Tet is coming home

Author: Nguyen Hong Kien

Peach blossoms in front of alley
Laugh happy bright pink
Apricot flowers in the garden
White wings flutter

Sunny yard
Mother drying flowers
I paste chicken pictures
He hung up the sentence

Tet is coming home
Going to be one year older
Heaven and earth bloom

New Year Poetry for your baby

New Year Poetry for children

Happy New Year grandparents

Past year
New Year
Today you come
Best wishes, grandparents
Long life,
Forever Young never old
Peace of love
Wealthy house door
Happiness and well-being
Thank you on loving you
Throughout the year of luck
Business excitement
Phuc, fortune, life, fortune
Grandparents enjoy fully
Little words
Please respectfully.
Don’t forget
Lucky money for children
New year get lucky
Thank you grandparents.

Happy New Year …

New Year I wish
Dad is always happy
Enduring health
The name is full of attention
Money in billions
Money leaks
Like a drop of coffee.
I wish …
Wish grandparents a bowl as desired
Have a nice cup of your aunt and uncle
Wish you brothers and sisters a plate of fortune.

Wish you grandparents live for a long time

Spring comes to hope
Warm all home.
We wish you and your grandparents,
Live a long life.

A good New Year poem for your baby

Spring I would like
A new year of fortune
The whole family is prosperous
Always full of laughter
Happiness filled the heart
Warm together forever.

New Year poems 2021 for children

Spring comes, Tet comes to everyone
I wish you grandparents good health and well-being
Wishing you a rich uncle
A prosperous year laughs every day.

Wishing parents a fortune
Happy juniors to grow up and be obedient
A year to forget all the worries
New all kinds of things, pho loan reunion.

New Year Poetry for teachers for children

New Year Poetry for teachers for children

1. Spring has come back everywhere
Wish teachers more luck
Get pleasure, share your successes
Health, more enthusiasm
Contribute green germs, cultivate the seeds of the soul
Good New Year, happy family
Teacher exposed spring strength, she laughed joyfully with joy

2. Happy New Year Spring Festival, teachers
Pray for health, abundant spring health
Happy and peaceful family
Increasing wealth and comfort at home
Hope for the victory to come home
Helping teachers prosperity and enthusiasm for the job.

3. In the new year, I would like to wish you teacher
Perennial longevity, better than the West!
Successful grandchildren: Almost late at night
She is still virgin, the bowl of water is full!

4. New Year has come and happy new spring
Happy teachers burden of joy
Family is warm, prosperous
Home full of gas, happiness in hand
This spring wishes to congratulate the new year
Things like that, billions of successes.


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