17 Fun puzzles, brain-damaging intellectual puzzles, with answers

17 Fun puzzles, brain-damaging intellectual puzzles, with answers


2021-04-21 13:34:40

Here are fun quizzes, brain-damage puzzles, cool and funny quizzes with answers, you can refer to calling people to join in fun puzzles at events or when gather with friends. Instead of sticking to your phone, the moments of playing quiz with friends and colleagues will help you have more laughter after stressful working hours, help train your brain, train your thinking at the same time. engaging with more people.

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1. In one tunnel, there are 3 employees working, the second person holding a hoe, the third person holding a bucket asked the first person what to hold?

2. There are three apples on the table and you take two. How many apples do you have?

3. If you see a bird sitting on a branch, how can you remove the branch without disturbing the bird?

4. There is a bridge with a tonnage of 10 tons, which means that if the payload is over 10 tons, the bridge will collapse. There is a cargo truck, the total tonnage of the truck is 8 tons and the cargo of 4 tons = 12 tons. So how can the driver get over this bridge, not take the goods out of the car?

5. A handsome guy, but only 3 hairs on his head. Suddenly 1 day he decided to leave 1 stalk. Ask him to quit for?

6. How do you not touch your finger when you hit a nail with a hammer?

7. There are two wide-mouthed bottles filled with water. How to put all the water in a pot and still know which water is in (not the whole bottle or any other water container in the pot)?

8. What fruit, the more intelligent you eat?

9. What question can no one answer “Yes”?

10. There is a centipede 100 feet walking cool suddenly hit a lot of buffalo manure. Centipede pity to continue. Asked when passing the centipede stool, how many feet still?

11. What is neck but no mouth?

12. I have 4 legs, 1 back, but no body. Who I am?

13. What kind of dog jumps as high as the tallest building in the world?

14. There were 6 cows in the pasture. Counting over and over, there were only 12 legs. The question why?

15. The white cat is a friend of the black cat, the white cat leaves the black cat after the yellow cat. After a while, the white cat will meet the black cat again, what will the white cat say?

16. There is a train going south. Northwest wind. So which direction is the smoke from the ship?

17. Two dogs are wandering in the park. A white dog named Black, a black dog named White. The man found them cute, he threw the ball away and ordered Black, and went to collect the ball. Can you guess which dog will pick up?


1. Take the head.

2. 2 results.

3. Wait for the bird to fly away on its own.

4. The question of the driver crossing the bridge, not the vehicle across the bridge.

5. He took the middle seat.

6. Hold the hammer in both hands.

7. Freeze water.

8. The asses will help us to be intelligent.

9. Have you sacrificed yet?

10. 98 because two feet have to cover the nose.

11. The shirt.

12. The chair.

13. All because the family can’t dance.

14. One cow rides on another cow in a circle.

15. Meo meow.

16. Smoke-free train.

17. These two dogs roam in the park, not the South dog.


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