27 years of ‘pretending’ to be a happy wife, being washed by the billionaire husband every night, then painfully exposed the marriage that was cheated in the first place

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2022-03-08 14:59:06

Melinda French Gates, the ex-wife of billionaire Bill Gates, has shared for the first time about her broken marriage in an exclusive interview “CBS Mornings”. This rare event made the public quite surprised, because before that, Mrs. Melinda always kept silent about her ex-husband’s love questions and just wanted the divorce to take place as quickly and as quietly as possible.

She and Bill Gates were together for 27 years before announcing their divorce last May. The great shock caused this 57-year-old woman to crumble.

“I cried for days. How could this happen? How do I get up? How am I going to live?”, Mrs. Melinda said.

The days that followed were very difficult. She confided that she had to go through a long period of anger.

“It’s an emotional part of a grieving day. Grief over the loss of something you thought would last a lifetime,” Melinda said.

Melinda F. Gates: 27 years pretending to be a happy wife, having her billionaire husband wash the dishes every night, then painfully expose her cheating marriage in the first place - Photo 1.

Bill Gates’ ex-wife first shared about the broken marriage in an exclusive interview “CBS Mornings”

It is known that before the official divorce, Ms. Melinda has met with lawyers many times since the beginning of October 2019 and said her marriage “cannot be saved”. The divorce was delayed until last year just to wait for the youngest daughter to graduate from high school.

“At night, I began to heal myself. I felt like I had overcome everything and turned a new page in 2022. I am happy to think about what is coming and a more optimistic life is still there. front”.

When asked about the suspicion that Bill Gates had an affair in 2000, Mrs. Melinda answered with a very tolerant attitude.

“I believe in forgiveness. I think we’ve been through a lot together. It wasn’t just a single moment or something happened. It was just that a certain point in time was enough for me. I realized the relationship wasn’t healthy, and then I stopped believing in the things we had. It’s very, very difficult to regain trust, in any relationship.”

Previously, the news that the billionaire Bill Gates and his wife divorced after 27 years of marriage became the focus of media attention and public opinion. Many people question what is the real reason why Bill Gates decided to give up his strong marriage with a woman that he vows to wash dishes for every day. It used to be a traditional habit of the Gates family: everyone in the house was responsible for completing it together.

Melinda F. Gates: 27 years pretending to be a happy wife, being washed by her billionaire husband every night, then painfully exposed her cheating marriage in the first place - Photo 2.

Many theories have been put forward, surrounding his ex-girlfriend, Ann Winblad. She is a businesswoman born in 1950 in the US, carrying over 40 years of experience in the technology industry and is considered a great contributor to the formation of Silicon Valley. Before marrying Melinda, billionaire Bill Gates had a deep love affair with this woman.

Not only that, the public at that time was extremely disappointed after knowing that behind his gentle appearance, billionaire Bill Gates was a notorious and sneaky player with female employees at Microsoft. The relationship between him and billionaire pedophile Epstein also surprised many people.

Last year, right after the divorce ended, Bill Gates gave an interview to CNN. He said his separation from Ms Melinda was a “very sad milestone”.

Although they are no longer together, the billionaire said he and his ex-wife will continue to do charity work, citing Melinda’s “incredible strength” to help the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation complete well. mission.

Ms. Melinda also confirmed that she would complete unfinished business with her ex-husband at the Fund for at least 2 more years.

“I’ve always loved doing the things we built together,” she said.

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