3 advantages to buy Nokia T20 as an entertainment tablet in March 2023

3 advantages to buy Nokia T20 as an entertainment tablet in March 2023

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2023-03-04 10:46:07

Many users have questions whether Nokia T20 is a good entertainment tablet in March 2022, let’s quickly take a look at the top advantages of Nokia T20 compared to the current market average.

Top cheap unboxing price

Nokia T20 is officially opened for sale in Vietnam for VND 6,290,000. However, currently, at the time of February 2022, the unboxed price of Nokia T20 has been strongly faked and the cheapest is only 4,190,000 VND. This price is relatively uniform and does not vary much between agents.

At this price range, the Nokia T20 has almost only one competitor, the Lenovo Tab M10 and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A8. However, in terms of design, screen and ability to meet the basic needs of users, Nokia T20 can completely threaten the Galaxy Tab A8.

Giant screen

Nokia T20 features a large 10.4-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels equivalent to 2K standards. Its rival Lenovo Tab M10 also only has a screen resolution of 1200 x 1920 Pixel. Another rival, though disproportionate, is the iPad 9 which also comes with a 1620 x 2160 resolution not too much larger than the Nokia T20.

Basic configuration can be used for a long time

Inside, Nokia T20 is equipped with 8-core Unisoc T610 processor, combined with 8GB RAM and 64GB internal memory, providing extremely fast and stable processing of a variety of tasks from watching movies, surfing social networks, reading news or even playing games. The machine supports memory cards up to 1TB for large storage needs. In addition, it also has a SIM to connect to 4G wireless networks when needed.

Nokia T20 owns a large capacity battery up to 8,200 mAh. This is quite a large battery capacity compared to competitors. For example, the Lenovo Tab M10 also has a battery of up to 5000 mAh while the iPad 9 is 8557 mAh.


Compared to iPad 9 – the most powerful and affordable iPad today, Nokia T20 can hardly compete in terms of performance. However, considering the price of less than 6 million VND, but with a 2K resolution screen and a suitable mid-range configuration, the Nokia T20 is really worth it.

For competitor in the same range Lenovo Tab M10 ( MediaTek Helio P22T chip with maximum speed of 2.4Ghz) Unisoc T610 chip of Nokia T20 (max speed of 1.8GHz) is a bit inferior. In terms of configuration, Nokia T20 is a bit lower than Galaxy Tab A8 but cheaper to nearly 2 million.

However, with a large screen and higher resolution, entertainment on the Nokia T20 will really bring a lot of comfort. Moreover, with a price range of less than 5 million, a working tablet is probably a bit high. So the Nokia T20 is more powerful in terms of entertainment, so it should be a priority. Nokia T20 is absolutely a tablet to buy for entertainment needs.

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