3 easy steps on Infinito Wallet!

3 easy steps on Infinito Wallet!


2021-03-28 06:04:43

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With the launch of new version 1.10, Infinito Wallet will give users a special offer: registration of an account name (account) on EOS completely free! Promotion applies from date July 6 – 18, 2018 with corresponding budget 1,600 EOS.
Note: After the above budget has been spent, users will lose the opportunity to own the free account name.

Next, a follow-up version of the Infinito Wallet scheduled to launch on July 18, 2018 will allow users to manually register their EOS account name (for a fee, subject to the regulatory terms of the EOS blockchain). This is also part of the company’s support plan previously announced.

With support program Free EOS account name registrationInfinito Wallet continues to strictly follow the technical roadmap as well as the vision towards becoming a digital wallet capable of storing the most diverse types of digital assets. The only important and unique mission of Infinito Wallet is to be a bridge to help users interact as fully as possible with leading blockchains and to get the new resources that this technology and the electronic money system bring. again.

Registration of EOS account name is required first and required if you want to conduct transactions, build decentralized applications or use any of the other features of this blockchain. EOS sets the fee for owning a “title” for an account approximately 02 EOS (updated July 5) and this number is likely to continue to increase.

For users who haven’t register for EOS tokens, of course, they also won’t be able to pay EOS in order to get a name for their account (in fact, there is no suitable token to pay EOS yet). However, the solution will be on the new version of Infinito Wallet announced on July 6, 2018.

After starting the Infinito Wallet app, users will see a “FREE Registration” message prominently displayed next to the EOS coin’s logo. The next simple steps in this process are illustrated below.

Step 1: Click on “FREE Registration”

This will move the application screen to another window to initiate the sequential registration steps.

Step 2: Click “Next”

A window with the “Information” tab will appear with a brief message about the program along with some of the most basic notes about EOS account names. Click “Next” to continue.

Step 3: Enter your account name

In the window “Register”, the user will enter their EOS account name. Please note, however, that the account name must be set with exactly 12 characters chosen among the letters A through Z and digits 1 through 5 (“12345”, “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz”). An example for you to refer to: “taikhoan1234”. Click on “Register” to complete the registration.

Not only new users, but also users who have previously owned Infinito Wallet can join this program. Infinito team hopes this will be a meaningful gift and receive a warm response from the crypto community. And do not forget to update the latest information from the Infinito team regarding EOS-enabled features such as registering an account without EOS token ownership, staking / unstake or exchanging RAM here.

Download Infinito Wallet today!

About Infinito Wallet and development team

Not only being a leading universal crypto wallet, Infinito Wallet also serves as a gateway for users to maximize the potential of cryptocurrencies. By selectively expanding the reach of partners, Infinito Wallet is building an ecosystem with useful blockchain services, including transactions, ID / KYC solutions and other blockchain-based services. . In addition, we also support the developer and business communities through an open blockchain architecture that includes legally secured technologies and services to enable them to develop and operate products / services. new services in a convenient and effective way.

The Infinito Wallet development team brings together blockchain experienced individuals, plus more than 70 high-quality people covering programming, graphics, research / strategy, sales and customer care. .

Registered in the Isle of Man, UK, Infinito Wallet is a project under Infinity Blockchain Labs Europe with the unique mission of becoming the leading crypto wallet for various user communities. .

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