3 most anticipated improvements on AirPods 3

3 most anticipated improvements on AirPods 3


2021-03-28 14:32:00

As usual, Apple is the one starting the trend for a new technology, this time true wireless headphones with the AirPods, and now true wireless headphones are starting to appear in the market. everywhere. In fact, AirPods are also the dominant product line in the true wireless headset market with a market share far ahead of its competitors.

This success is due to the Apple headset model possessing almost all the elements that users need in a wireless headset: Good sound quality, comfortable feeling, good brand, ownership. lots of smart features and especially great compatibility with the iOS ecosystem.

But the AirPods aren’t perfect yet. Here are the 3 most expected improvements on the AirPods 3, which are also the factors that this headset model needs to improve if you still want to maintain the position of “unique” in the face of increasing pressure from competitors. painting.

New AirPods 3 design

There have been a lot of rumors about 3rd generation AirPods lately. However, it must also be rationally selected that this is purely a rumor, the fact may be completely different.

On the Weibo social network, L0vetodream posted a rather “confusing” article, saying “there will be no AirPods”. Soon after, this user posted another article saying that the AirPods 2 will still be produced normally. This article comes shortly after famous Apple strategist Ming-Chi Kuo said that the third generation of AirPods will go into mass production in the second half of 2021, which means months to go.

The rumored design of the AirPods 3

Up until this point, it is still unclear if Apple will hold an event on March 23, because normally every year until now we have certain news. Of course, Apple can choose to announce the event at a different time or introduce new products with press release in March like last year.

Apple currently has a lot of new product rumors, including the highly anticipated AirTags, the new iPad Pro with a Mini-Led display, the new iPad and iPad mini model, and the new Apple TV. The iMac with a redesigned Apple silicon chip is also expected this year. 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models with Apple’s silicon chip are expected by the end of 2021.

Better battery life

Battery is one of the most important elements in a wireless headset. But to be fair, the AirPods’ battery life is not as impressive as that of competitors in the same price range or a lot cheaper.

Although the battery life on the AirPods 2 (launched in 2019) was 21% better than the first generation, with 5 hours of continuous talk time and 3 hours of music playback, accompanied by fast charging technology, users still looking forward to more. Maybe 5 hours of continuous music with just 1 full charge will be fine for the AirPods 3 to meet the requirements of most users. Of course this will also need to be improved in future versions as well.

Improve call quality

Convenience is the key factor that enabled true wireless headphones to be born and have a foothold in the market today. Not only convenient for enjoying music, but also in the ability to support hands-free communication anytime, anywhere. However, the quality of the recording microphone on the AirPods 2 has not really satisfied many people, especially in the ability to separate noise from the external environment and voice, making the quality of voice calls in areas. a lot of noise is sometimes not good.

Recording quality will be something that needs to be loaded on the AirPods 3, and this is entirely within Apple’s capabilities, with the coordination from both a hardware and software perspective. There’s a pretty obvious difference in call quality between the AirPods 2 and the AirPods Pro. Hopefully we’ll see the AirPods 3 catch up to the AirPods Pro in microphone quality.

Water resistant

Water resistance is also an important factor in the convenience of true wireless headphones, making them suitable for a variety of users’ needs, such as outdoor use or sports.

With more rival products equipped with water resistance, Apple should probably also consider bringing this feature to the AirPods 3 if it doesn’t want to fall behind. The standard IPX4 water resistance level can be a bit “overwhelming” with the AirPods 3, but at least this model must also meet the IPX2 standard like Samsung Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus – 2 of the main competitors of it.

Above are the 3 most “urgent” improvements that Apple needs to make on the AirPods 3. What other aspects do you think this headset needs to be improved? Please leave comments!


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