3 plus points help Honda Winner X 2022 easily become a “national clutch car”

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2022-01-26 21:08:29

Upgrade to satisfy customers

The Japanese always place high demands on the quality, durability and convenience of the products they make. Honda is no exception, as they have listened to their customers in Vietnam to provide a better user experience.

That is even more recognizable with Winner X. The 2022 version that has just been opened for sale shows a clear proof of the spirit of market demand, for customers of the Japanese joint venture.

First, the headlight cluster has been integrated into the car’s apron. This is not a big change, but it is highly appreciated by both the user community and experts when it comes to overcoming the fragile situation of scratches. Detached design is beautiful but not suitable for crowded traffic in Vietnam.

To compensate for the aesthetics, Honda Vietnam has refined the details to be more harmonious, seamless, and sturdy. Consumers also do not need to spend time and effort to bring the car back and forth to turn the turn signal back in.

Changes in light clusters and exhaust pipes on Honda Winner X 2022

Besides, a big plus that is highly appreciated by Vietnamese customers is that the exhaust angle of Winner X 2022 is about 20 degrees lower than the old version. This helps limit the amount of smoke that can be released into the road behind.

Although the design changes, but Honda said that the sound emitted from the car engine as well as the performance will not be affected.

Unprecedented options on manual scooters

SMARTKEY smart key system is one of the equipment upgrades that Honda Winner X users have been waiting for a long time. Winner car owners of the previous version, if they want to equip this key system, will have to go out to the level with a cost of several million dong.

The standard equipment of this type of lock will help Honda’s manual clutch model score more points in the eyes of consumers because of its high convenience, reducing the possibility of forgetting to remove the key, as well as better anti-theft ability for the car in time. current session.

3 plus points help Honda Winner X 2022 easily become a

Next, Honda Vietnam understands user needs, so it has arranged an additional integrated charging port on the left side of the driver (Special and Sport versions). This is a very useful device for young customers who often travel on the road or go for a long time.. The type of USB charging port instead of a pipe port like many models on the market also makes car owners not need it. have to spend money to buy more types of converter ports to use this utility.

Talking about the upgrades on Honda Winner X 2022, it is impossible not to mention the completely new chain. It is a chain with an O-ring (Seal-chain). Compared with the type equipped on the old version, the chain with O-rings will give more durability, and the maximum load capacity is also better. In the process of moving, the new type of chain will also be smoother, not making the same noise as the old type.

3 plus points help Honda Winner X 2022 easily become a

Core values ​​that create the Honda Winner brand X

Honda Winner X 2022 continues to keep the advantage of performance, when using a single-cylinder, double-cam (DOHC) engine, helping the car to have a greater capacity and torque at high speeds than compared to the Honda Winner X 2022. single orange (SOHC). Comes with an effective 6-speed gearbox for the road trip, more suitable for the target customer group.

With a capacity of 150cc, for a capacity of 15.4 horsepower at 9,000 rpm, torque of 13.5 Nm at 6,500 rpm, Honda’s clutch model will make anyone drive. are all satisfied. Some users have shared that the car’s gas at the beginning of the car brings a feeling of “sweetness” and is very loaded, specifically, Winner X’s time to complete the 200m distance takes only 10.9 seconds.

Not only focusing on performance, Honda also cares about the safety of customers when equipping both front and rear disc brakes for better braking performance. In particular, the front wheel is also equipped with an ABS anti-lock braking system that will minimize the situation of wheel locking due to sudden braking, leading to a fall on the road.

3 plus points help Honda Winner X 2022 easily become a

Special Edition Silver Black Blue

The popular clutch car segment in Vietnam this year promises to be more exciting when the improvements from design to engine and utility on Honda Winner X 2022 are receiving many positive reviews. The car was officially opened for sale on January 4, 2022 with 3 versions: Standard, Special and Sport, with prices of 46.09 million, 49.99 million and 50.49 million respectively.


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