3 years after launch, VinFast has finally updated Apple CarPlay for luxury cars Lux A & Lux SA

3 years after launch, VinFast has finally updated Apple CarPlay for luxury cars Lux A & Lux SA


2021-08-08 23:21:16

Lux A and Lux ​​SA are two of the first three VinFast car models, announced and opened for sale at the end of 2018. With listed prices ranging from 1.1 to more than 1.8 billion, Lux A and Lux ​​SA classified in the luxury car segment in Vietnam.

Despite receiving rave reviews for the design, engine and ride feel; However, because it is the first car, so Lux A and Lux ​​SA cannot avoid shortcomings. In particular, one of the most common complaints of users in these two models is the entertainment screen.

Not only poor in terms of features, but the screen of Lux A / Lux SA also does not support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. This makes users can only use the interface of VinFast, which, as mentioned above, is not appreciated. Many car owners have even accepted to spend a large amount of money to replace another screen for the car.

It is quite odd that Fadil, VinFast’s cheapest model with a price of just over 400 million VND, supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from the first day of sale without having to “mode” any components – while The billion-dollar Lux car line does not have it.

It seemed that CarPlay / Android Auto would never have the opportunity to come to Lux A and Lux ​​SA, but recently, VinFast has released an update to enable this feature.

After updating, users can connect their iPhone to the USB port on Lux A and Lux ​​SA. Now, instead of using VinFast’s software, users can use the iPhone’s CarPlay interface directly on the car’s entertainment screen. Some outstanding applications of CarPlay include phone, messages, maps (supports Google Maps), listen to music (Apple Music, Spotify, Zing MP3) or activate Siri virtual assistant.

3 years after its launch, VinFast has finally updated Apple CarPlay for luxury cars Lux A & Lux SA - Photo 2.

Apple CarPlay interface on VinFast Lux A (photo: VinFast Thai Nguyen)

However, according to some feedback from users, this update still does not support Android Auto. So Android users will have to wait a little longer.

To be able to update the software version that supports CarPlay for the screens of Lux A and Lux ​​SA, car owners can contact the nearest VinFast dealers. As noted by us, VinFast dealers all support software updates completely free of charge. In addition, users can also perform the update themselves at home through some online instructions, but it should be noted that the update process may contain some risks, the worst case scenario is the screen. The image will hang and will not be able to boot anymore.

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