360 degree neck lift, curled up like a worm, just called the capital and exceeded the goal 12 times

360 degree neck lift, curled up like a worm, just called the capital and exceeded the goal 12 times


2022-01-18 20:32:55

The U-shaped pillow was originally born for tourists to lie back and rest their eyes when on cars or planes. But, this dish was so hot that it crept everywhere, even ordinary people at home, school or office people have one or know it.

The way to use the pillow is even controversial, when some people claim to have to wear it in reverse, open the chin to rest the head back, some people think that it must be rotated in the right direction so that the head and neck will not deviate from either side.

No matter which team you belong to, the U-shaped pillow is probably not as comfortable as imagined after a long time of use. The solution is now 360-degree curled pillows like the Loop Pillow below, which support lifting the neck, nape and chin at the same time, avoiding arguing about how to wear it.

The Loop Pillow pillow is causing a fever on Kickstarter with a neck-and-shoulder design for those who like to sleep sitting down.

U-pillow has just been upgraded to

The pillow can be shaped at will to suit many different types of headrests.

To be precise, this pillow is not pre-curved into a circle or U, but more like a large C. The user loops it around the neck then rolls it up into a spiral. Because it’s very thick when rolled up, it easily supports the head without tilting around, creating a noticeably more comfortable feeling.

U-pillow has just been upgraded to

The sturdy curling design is said to keep the head and neck straight for more comfortable sleeping positions than the old-fashioned U-shaped pillow.

This unique design is not all. Loop Pillow also features a heat-sensitive Memory Foam insert that deforms to the contours of the shoulders and chin upon contact and returns to its original state when removed.

U-shaped pillow has just been upgraded to

The inside is made of heat sensitive Memory Foam and the outer shell is moisture resistant.

The outer shell uses 2 materials, one is a soft and warm velvet, the other is a cool modal fabric. Both provide maximum comfort because of their good ventilation, limiting the accumulation of sweat and moisture.

U-pillow has just been upgraded to

The pillowcase has 2 layers, a soft velvet layer for the group that likes warmth, the modal layer in the other half for those who are often “increased”, effectively reducing heat significantly.

The strange thing is that the company that makes this pillow does not allow us to order just pillows, but sells them in combos including pillows, eye masks, noise-cancelling earplugs or travel blankets, all “home” can be planted”.

The U-pillow has just been upgraded to

Or so, but you have to pay a dozen times more than a U-shaped pillow sold on the online market, in addition to “buy beer with peanuts” whether you want it or not.

However, the project to raise money for this magic pillow was completed after only a short time of being broadcast on Kickstarter. Currently, it has raised nearly 120,000 USD, 12 times higher than the original 10,000 USD capital. The cheapest package to order at $79 was also quickly sold out, with only the price package from $99, equivalent to more than 2.2 million or more. If interested, you can see more and order HERE. The product is expected to start shipping from May this year.

https://CHK.vn/goi-chu-u-vua-duoc-nang-cap-cuc-xin-nang-co-gay-360-do-cuon-tron-nhu-con-sau-moi-goi- von-da-vuot-12-lan-muc-tieu-20220115001904482.chn


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