3D scan of the entire Las Vegas Strip for Zack Snyder’s zombie movie

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2021-04-24 08:30:56

After the success of Justice League released on HBO Max in mid-March, director Zack Snyder will continue to stir the small screen with blockbuster Army of the Dead, expected to be released on May 21. here on Netflix. Taking the theme of the post-apocalypse, this movie will revolve around a group of mercenaries with the mission of stealing a whopping $ 200 million. Their biggest obstacle is that this money is hidden in the middle of an area filled with zombies and has been strictly blocked, waiting to be cleared by the government with the atomic bomb.

The restricted area that Zack Snyder put in his blockbuster is built on the bustling Las Vegas Strip and is known as one of the most luxurious entertainment paradises in the world. This is essentially a 6km long road, on South Las Vegas Avenue with many hotels, resorts as well as large casinos with modern style. Among them are world-famous places such as the Venetian – currently the second largest hotel in the world according to the number of rooms with 7092 rooms.

The main scene of Army of the Dead will take place in the Las Vegas Strip, an area known for its bustling with all kinds of luxury resorts and entertainment.

In terms of image quality, budget savings, Army of the Dead’s post-production and VFX team received a special privilege that allows them to 3D scan the entire Las Vegas Strip area. Sharing with ScreenRant in an interview in 2019, producer Deborah Snyder said the crew was only allowed to operate in this area until 10 a.m. with extremely expensive costs. That is why they decided to use helicopters to scan all the details here and serve for later scenes, instead of having to rent a film studio for too long.

Deborah said: “I think we were the first film producer to do this. Normally, we can only record on the Vegas Strip until 10am every day. However, with such a time limit, it will take us about 6 weeks to complete the necessary scenes. That will cost us a lot of money. So we decided to use a Scissor Lift, a helicopter, to scan all the shapes and details of the entire area. That will document us to create a ruined Vegas on the screen“.

Play as Netflix: 3D scan the entire Las Vegas Strip to serve the zombie movie of Zack Snyder - Photo 2.

The desolate, lonely Las Vegas strip in Army of the Dead is created based on 3D models that the production team meticulously scanned “real goods”.

This is not the first time Las Vegas has been chosen as the setting for a work on the theme of walking corpses. In 2007, Resident Evil: Extinction brought to the sand-covered silver screen 1, showing the post-apocalyptic state that had been going on for a very long time. In Army of the Dead, the zombie epidemic seems to have just broken out and has been controlled in the Vegas strip.

That is why this place is completely isolated, and the government has decided to use the atomic bomb to end the existence of the zombies inside. Besides, the difference of this movie from other works of the same theme is that the zombies are now faster, stronger, more organized and turn the Vegas strip into a small base. own.

According to ScreenRant

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