4 applications that “corrosion” the user’s phone need to be deleted urgently

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2022-11-08 02:11:45

Security site Bleepingcomputer reported that security experts at Malwarebytes Labs have just discovered a series of malicious applications on the CH Play app store.

According to the report, these malicious applications contain a type of malicious code that runs background ads and lures users to visit fraudulent websites. Notably, compared to many previous advertising malware, this type of trojan has a much more sophisticated attack method.

This malicious application has been downloaded and installed by more than 1 million users

Accordingly, the malicious code will not have any activity for 72 hours (3 days) since the user installs the application. From there, making the victims not have a defensive mentality with the application. After the “hidden” period, they will start advertising fraud and lead to defraud users.

“Delaying the attack is a tactic used by hackers to avoid detection. After this period of time, the malicious code will automatically open phishing tabs in the Chrome browser. Some tabs are set up. designed to make money through each ad click, while others contain more dangers,” said an expert at Malwarebytes Labs.

4 applications that eat away at the user's phone need to be deleted urgently - Photo 2.

Not only putting users in danger, the fact that these malicious codes continuously work in the background for a long time also significantly affect the performance and battery life of the phone (Artwork: Reuters)

According to security experts at Malwarebytes, here are 4 applications containing dangerous malicious code including:

– Bluetooth Auto Connect – About 1,000,000 downloads

– Bluetooth App Sender – About 50,000 downloads

– Driver: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB – About 10,000 downloads

– Mobile transfer: smart switch – About 1,000 downloads

Experts recommend that those who have installed the above applications need to quickly remove them from their smartphones.

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