4 full battery notification apps, ‘timer’ battery charger for Android

4 full battery notification apps, ‘timer’ battery charger for Android


2021-03-27 04:20:49

Many of us often have the habit of charging the battery overnight, or “forgetting” to unplug the phone even after the battery is full. Although such “overcharging” does not cause your phone to explode or does anything too serious, as in theory, continuing to charge after the battery has reached the 100% limit could reduces long-term stability, as well as leads to system-wide breakdowns. In addition, this also causes loss and waste of power,

To avoid the above situation, you can find a solution that is to use a specialized application that helps manage the battery charging process. It can notify you when the device has finished charging, or even allow you to limit the percentage of battery charge. Here are some of these apps that you can find on the Android platform.

Full Battery Alarm owns a relatively comprehensive battery charge management feature set. In addition to informing you of the usual battery stats (voltage, temperature, battery status, the time remaining until fully charged), it also shows the screen brightness slider and the toggle button. flashlight right inside the application interface.

User can set Full Battery Alarm to play alarm when the device has been charged to the set battery level. In case you want to monitor the device’s temperature, you can also set specific alarms.

In addition, the app can also give low battery reminders and show you full battery stats. The theft alarm feature, which emits alarm sounds when the phone is unplugged is also a quite useful device, helping to protect your phone when plugged in in a public place.

Another great name you can try is Battery 100% Alarm. The app keeps you up to date with your charged battery life as well as how long you have to wait before your battery is fully charged (via the notification bar).

Battery 100% Alarm

Users can turn on the snooze feature in one to five minutes. There’s also the option to manually set the maximum charge limit – 100% or less arbitrarily. When the battery is charged to the limit, the alarm will be activated.

Like most of the apps on this list, Battery 100% Alarm uses the device’s library of ringtones. So, you can choose to be gentle or “harsh”, as you wish.

Battery Full Notification is a simple, lightweight application that works silently in the background without any impact on your work, your device usage habits. The app sends notifications by sound, but if you want something less annoying, you can set the alarm as a vibration or a text message.

Battery Full Notification

It’s simple, but it offers some pretty cool options. For example, you can set an alarm when the battery reaches the% level of your choice. You can also choose a ringtone from your favorite playlist.

The strength of Full Battery & Theft Alarm lies in the intuitive interface. Immediately after opening the application, you will see the battery% clearly displayed. The app will also notify you of your phone’s temperature, overall status, and remaining standby time until the battery is full. At the same time, the battery charge history will also be fully saved.

Full Battery & Theft Alarm

Users can set an alert for the phone to ring once the battery is charged to a certain point (from 50% to 100%), or alert when the battery is low. There’s also an anti-theft option that prevents anyone from unplugging your phone without your consent. When this feature is activated, an alarm will sound when someone unplugged the phone. This annoying alarm can only be deactivated by entering the password set by the phone owner.


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