4 reasons to choose NextDent’s dental 3D printing technology at Seadent

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2022-11-19 20:49:49

NextDent’s dental 3D technology at Seadent ensures safety with high accuracy.

1. Accuracy as high as 50 microns

NextDent’s dental 3D printing technology uses state-of-the-art processing software, analyzes the patient’s molar structure in detail with an accuracy as high as 50 microns and creates a corresponding model. This helps the doctor make a more detailed diagnosis of the condition of each person’s teeth and jaw and to recommend the most appropriate treatment.

2. Super fast

NextDent’s dental 3D printing technology is favored by many clinics not only for its absolute accuracy but also for creating the most durable products on the market. This is a technology that integrates modern UV and plastic polymerization processes, producing quality prints with durability, toughness and high temperature deviation in just a few minutes, much faster than the speed of The thermal polymerization process takes hours.

In particular, NextDent’s 3D printing technology is also famous for Digital Light Printing (DLP) and Non-contact membrane technology (Non-contact membrane technology) capable of accelerating the printing speed of samples, 4.5 times faster than conventional technology. old fashioned technology.

In addition, the Nextdent 3D printing solution uses Sprint 3D software that automatically arranges and creates pin-supports, modifying shapes without returning to CAD data. Optimized workflow for printing one-click stacked function templates printing up to 30 functions in less than 2 hours.

The outstanding features mentioned above are implemented with very simple operations, helping doctors and patients save maximum time and costs of medical examination and treatment.

NextDent’s dental 3D printing technology provides accurate prints with high durability

3. Biocompatible and certified printing materials

NextDent’s advanced dental 3D printing technology is a complete digital dental solution for 12 indications and can be used with a system of 30 of the most biocompatible materials on the market today. That’s why this technology is the most preferred by many modern dental clinics today.

4. Reliable end-to-end workflow

NextDent’s dental 3D printing technology blends seamlessly with industry-standard software and intraoral scans, minimizing human intervention and providing accurate results. The combination of the Nextdent 5100 printer, the LC-3D Mixer, the LC-3DPrint Box photopolymerizer and the diverse ink systems creates a comprehensive and reliable 3D printing solution.

If you are wondering where to buy NextDent’s dental 3D printing technology, you can refer to Seadent – a reputable unit specializing in the distribution of high-end dental products.

Seadent is the leading distributor of high-end dental products in Vietnam

Seadent has more than 10 years of continuous learning and development and is currently a partner of 16 famous suppliers in the world such as Biomatlante of France – the leader in advanced bone grafting technology, AquaCare of the UK – famous in the field of bone grafting. In the field of implants, DiaDent of Korea – the leading company providing endodontic materials…

Seadent provides the best quality NextDent 5100 by 3D Systems 3D printing technology available today at an attractive cost and warranty: return warranty for products due to manufacturer defects, periodic maintenance every 6 months/time , warranty period up to 5 years. Some other outstanding dental products that customers can find at Seadent’s home are: Implant Motor Chiropo Plus 3rd GEN, treatment chair, compression – air suction system, aseptic system…

In addition, Seadent assists customers in choosing the right equipment, and offers suggestions and solutions during the design and layout of the clinic in a modern direction.

Seadent – Choosing the best brand for high-end dental equipment distribution. If you have any questions, please contact Seadent at hotline 0901371516 for the earliest support!

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