4 short truth and lie quizzes that challenge your reasoning

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2021-03-27 18:05:59

Here are 4 fun, short quizzes about telling the truth and lying, which are not difficult but confusing. Please join the challenge to see how many correct answers you can answer!


One day Alice walks into the Forget forest, she does not forget everything, but only forgets a few things. For example, she does not remember her name, she forgets the date.

There are lions and unicorns who regularly come to play in this forest. They are two strange creatures.

Lions lie on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, it will tell the truth on the rest of the week. A unicorn, on the other hand, lied on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and the rest of the week he will tell the truth.

Puzzle 1.

One day, Alice met both a lion and a unicorn lying down under a large tree canopy.

Yesterday was one of the days I lied, the lion said.

Yesterday was also one of the days I lied, said the unicorn.

From these two sentences, Alice (an extremely intelligent girl) knows what today is, and what about you?

Puzzle 2.

On another occasion, Alice only meets a lion. The lion tells Alice 2 things:

1. I lied yesterday.

2. I will lie again two days after tomorrow.

So what is today?

Puzzle 3.

On what day of the week does the lion say the following two sentences?

1. I lied yesterday.

2. I will lie again tomorrow.

Puzzle 4.

On what day of the week the lion might say the following: “I lied yesterday and I will lie again tomorrow.”? (Don’t think this is the same as # 3!)

You can answer a few questions, see the answers below to know if your results are wrong or wrong.


Puzzle 1.

The only day they both tell the truth is Sunday, but today can’t be Sunday because the lion also has to tell the truth on Saturday, but yesterday it lied.

The only day that satisfies both facts is Thursday.

The lion said: Yesterday I lied. This is the truth. Thursday is the day the lion tells the truth, and yesterday (Wednesday) it actually lied.

The unicorn said: I also lied yesterday. This is not true because yesterday (Wednesday) must be the day when unicorns tell the truth. Thursday is the day unicorns lie.

So today is Thursday.

Puzzle 2.

The lion’s first sentence implies that it is Monday or Thursday. The second sentence implies that it is not Thursday. So only a second day left.

Puzzle 3.

There is no day of the week for this to be possible. Only on Monday and Thursday can the first words of the lion happen, only on Wednesday and Sunday can the second sentence happen. So no day of the week lions can say that.

Puzzle 4.

The sentence “I lied yesterday and I will lie again tomorrow.” The lion’s can only be correct when both sides of this sentence are correct, ie this sentence is said on Tuesday.

But we already know that on Tuesday, lions have to lie so this can’t happen. This will always be a lie, so it can be said on Monday or Wednesday.

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