4 steps to finding information effectively in crypto (Part 1)

4 steps to finding information effectively in crypto (Part 1)


2021-04-02 09:06:36

Welcome to Coin98 Insights Podcast No. 2. Here, me and the Coin98 team will share our team analysis and perspectives on all topics in the crypto market, from hot coins, market trends, analysis of trends and Finally, the market forecast.

Like other podcasts, the content shared here is for informational purposes, you should not consider this as investment advice.

In this podcast, I will share with you how to effectively search for information in the crypto market. Maybe, many of you will think that this is an extremely basic category in the market. However, this is a problem for many brothers and causes many difficulties in the investment process because the market has thousands of different projects, each project has updated news every day, each KOLs has the Perspectives, analysis are different, making newcomers easily confused while learning, not knowing who to listen to, who to believe and how to update information effectively.

When I first entered the market, I was also very confused and did not know how to handle this huge amount of information effectively, so I understand the difficulties of newcomers entering the market. Therefore, this podcast is made with the desire to help you remove the initial dense information barrier, to penetrate deeper into the market and make a profit.

Listen to podcast number 2 here:

News updates

First, I will talk about channels for news updates:

  • To update from the project side: I will find out on the project website, the project’s communication channels are usually attached to the website such as Twitter, Medium, Discord, Telegram or Youtube.
  • Channels of announcements and news: Cointelegraph, Coindesk – two most widely read crypto newspapers in the world. Or if you want to read Vietnamese newspapers, you can read at sites like CHK, BTA, …
  • Channels of analysis and research about the market: If you have good English skills and want to see reputable foreign websites, you should look at sites such as Messari, Dephil Digital, TheBlockResearch, … If you want to read documents in Vietnamese or do not have much Time to synthesize information, you can read the articles at coin98.net, Twitter Coin98 Finance and Coin98 Analytics – This is where our team will synthesize important information on the market, translate and accompany the Coin98 team analysis to send to you.
  • Follow KOLs: You should follow on Twitter for example Sam – CEO of FTX or CZ Binance – CEO of Binance floor, because they have many useful views and perspectives for you in the market.

You can follow the series of articles for newbies here.

Information analysis

So, after you have identified the main information channels, how will you synthesize and analyze the information in order not to be overwhelmed and confused? Because this is a too wide category, in this podcast, I will only guide you how to research effectively on coin98.net.

Search by keyword

When searching for information, you must clearly define what information you want to search, more specifically what keywords, for example, if you want to learn about Alpha’s recent rebrand event, you can search by keyword “Alpha Staking” or “Alpha Mainnet”, …

Recently, Coin98.Net also updated another extremely useful feature to search by keyword, which is search by hashtag. This feature helps you research more easily and we also classify the article more easily. Then, you enter keywords in the search bar.

For example, this morning I asked a question on Coin98 Insights: What ecosystem is expanding their DeFi applications through Hackathon? If you want to learn about Hackathons, you can look up #hackathon in the search bar, and you will receive the latest articles.

Search by related topics

Next, you will search by theme – trends – ecosystems. This is very necessary, because if you only read a piece of news with no relation to other news in the same ecosystem, do not put that news in trends, correlation with platforms. On the other hand, that piece of news makes no sense.

For example, the brothers identified the ecosystem that they want to learn about as Terra (LUNA). You will go to Coin98.Net and enter the research bar for LUNA or Terra keywords and read the articles on this topic. In the article, we mentioned a lot about typical applications in the ecosystem like Mirror (MIR), and after clicking on the hashtag #MIR #Mirror at the end of the article, you can read other articles as well. about this product.

From there, you can have a panoramic view of the whole ecosystem, instead of just one news or just one product, to make it easier to make judgments and projects in the future.

Search by series

Recently, we have focused on one of the series that brings a lot of information to you, like the Landscape series about ecosystems. In the article, not only the information given, but also our observations about that ecosystem, as well as the projections about the ecosystem – that is the key point of the article to help you. I make money from the market.

After reading all Landscape volumes of different ecosystems, try to compare the ecosystems by yourself, see what stage they are at, what they want to do and whether they can do it or not, from there. make investment decisions.

For example series Landscape in NEARYou can see that this ecosystem is in its infancy, just forming the basic ecosystem support tools. Looking at other ecosystems, we can see that NEAR is quite similar to Solana a few months ago, thereby making a statement about NEAR’s future, potential in the next few months.

Brothers follow the series of Landscape here.

Some other search tips

Here are some tips for you to find information more effectively on coin98.net:

  • First, you can use the research bar to find out the hot information that is being interested by many people in recent times – this is one of the very valuable insights to know where the cash flow is likely to pour. . Suppose, today, the keyword TRON is extremely hot, from there I will go to find out why the TRON ecosystem and Justin Sun are so hot. If you find out the reason why that keyword is hot, and the TRX price hasn’t increased yet, it’s also an investment opportunity for you.
  • In addition, we also divide the article into folders by topic for easy searching, such as the folder “Investment Experience”, “Unfold”, “Landscape”, … You can find all of them. Topical articles are in those directories under the coin98.net home page.


In this Podcast, I am focusing on research on coin98.net. In the following issue, I will guide you to research on the most popular social networking site in the crypto market which is Twitter – a topic that is interested by many people.

Visit the Coin98 Insights Podcast: http://coin98.podbean.com/

See you in the next podcast!



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