4 ways to change the color of the Samsung virtual keyboard

4 ways to change the color of the Samsung virtual keyboard

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2021-07-05 19:43:11

If you use a Galaxy smartphone, you must be familiar with the Samsung keyboard. This is a virtual keyboard application that comes pre-installed on mobile devices of Korean manufacturers.

Just like many other keyboard apps, Samsung keyboard allows users to change the size, transparency, layout style, font size, mode and more. On top of that, Samsung also lets you change the keyboard color. We all know the default white-gray color scheme can get boring at times. Here are some simple ways for you to change the color of your Samsung keyboard for a more enjoyable experience.

1. Use Dark Mode

One of the simplest ways to change the color of the Samsung virtual keyboard is to change the theme of your phone to dark mode. When you enable dark mode on your Samsung Galaxy phone, the keyboard will also automatically turn black.

To enable Dark Mode on your Samsung Galaxy phone, navigate to “Settings -> Display, then tap the dark background option. Alternatively, you can also enable Dark Mode from the Quick Settings section.

2. Customize Samsung keyboard background color

The Samsung Keyboard app provides four built-in themes for users to change the keyboard color. You can choose between Light, Solid light, Dark and Solid dark themes. Gives you a fresher experience.

1. Open the app Settings (Settings) on your Samsung phone.

2. Go to “General Management” (General Management) and click on “Samsung Keyboard settings” (Samsung keyboard settings).

Click on “Samsung Keyboard settings”

You can also open the Samsung Keyboard settings menu by clicking the Settings icon (gear shape) on the keyboard’s toolbar.

Click the Settings icon (gear shape) on the keyboard toolbar

3. Click on “Theme” (Theme). You will find a wide range of themes available. Tap a theme to apply on the keyboard. Please note that if the theme option appears gray, you should disable Dark mode on your phone.

Available themes

3. Use high contrast color options

If plain light or dark keyboard colors don’t work for you, Samsung also offers high-contrast colors for a more immersive experience.

First, open the Samsung word keyboard settings screen as outlined in the method above. Next, find the “High contrast keyboard” entry and tap it. Now there will be 4 high contrast keyboard color options, choose the one you want to use.

High contrast color options màu

4. Use Galaxy Themes

Finally, if the above methods don’t satisfy you, you can change the color of your Samsung keyboard by applying any theme on your phone through the Galaxy Themes app. The drawback of this method is that an applied theme will change the color of the entire phone interface, not just the keyboard. If you have no problem with that, maybe try this interesting method.

1. Open the Settings app on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

2. Tap Themes to go to Galaxy Themes store. You may be asked to sign in with your Samsung account. Here you will find a huge collection of themes – both free and paid. Use the search bar to find topics you like.

Go to Galaxy Themes

3. Once you’ve selected a topic, tap to view detailed information about that topic. If appropriate, tap Download.

Click Download

4. Wait for a while to download the theme. After the download is complete, click Apply to use the theme.

5. Your keyboard should now have a color that corresponds to the theme just applied.

The keyboard has a color corresponding to the newly applied theme


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