45 fun puzzles for International Women’s Day, 8/3 with answers

45 fun puzzles for International Women’s Day, 8/3 with answers


2021-04-14 05:15:44

On March 8, International Women’s Day, besides wishes and gifts, please bring a lot of laughter to your sisters.

To make it easier for you to create laughter for women, the webmaster would like to send you some funny quizzes about women, fun quizzes about March 8 with answers to you all refer Hopefully the following fun quizzes will help you score points in front of your sister as well as create laughter for everyone in this day and the days to come.

Fun puzzles for March 8

Funny funny puzzles about women

1. What children eat a lot, talk a lot.
Get old, die long, call money?
Answer: Girls (women)

2. Where is women’s hair the most curly?
Answer: Women’s hair in Africa

3. What do women like to hold the most?
Answer: Husband’s salary

4. What do men have that women don’t?
Answer: Wife

5. How many birthdays does a 45 year old woman have?
Answer: If you are 100 years old, you only have … 1 birthday

6. Why do gunners have to close one eye when shooting?
Answer: Well … how can we see the target with 2 eyes closed?

Fun quiz about March 8

1. Which is the most important female organ?
Answer: Vietnam Women’s Union

2. There was a guy who wanted to get acquainted with a girl, immediately ran over to ask her name, the girl said: Count how many corns in the basket, then engrave my name. The guy counted 12 corns. So what’s the girl’s name?
Answer: To Nga (12 Corn = 1 Colonel Ngo = 1 Colonel Ngo And Ta Ngo = To Nga)

3. Where is the woman in the darkest place?
Answer: Africa

4. What does Adam have 2 that Eva has only 1?
Answer: The letter “A”

5. Which country in the world has no sisters?
Answer: England

6. There are 2 people: 1 big, 1 kid going to the top of a mountain. The baby is the son of an adult, but the adult is not the father of the child, who is the adult?
Answer: Mother

7. Of the 12 zodiacs, which one is famous for women?
Answer: A goat

8. Where are 30 men and 2 women fighting in disarray?
Answer: On the chess board

9. What do girls have, married women not?
Answer: Freedom

10. Every day the weaker sex
Every day men have to cook rice
Every day the weaker sex is better
Every day men must always flatter her?

Answers: March 8: The daughter has the wrong husband to watch the pollen.

Fun quizzes for March 8

Funny tips or puzzles for 8/3

1. Imagine a scene of a dark, cold sky, covered with sand) 1 person walks a distance and when he turns his head, he cannot see his footprint. Why is that?

Answer: Because the person wears sandals, has sandals, no footprints

2. Which drinks contain calcium with iron?

Answer: Cafe (ca: calcium, Fe: iron).

3. Remove the outer pants and the inner pants
Remove the pants and see the hair
Stripe the hairs to see the seed. What?
Answer: Corn corn

4. Which is the most important female organ?
Answer: Vietnam Women’s Union

5. What men can have, but women do not, is often harder for the young than the old?

Answer: Beard

6. Dotted the sponge to put in the hole. What action?

Answer: Threaded needle

7. On round circle
Square bottom
Like to play, then go to bed
The more you play, the more countries you play. What?

Answer: Chess

8. On the feathers
Under the feathers
Husband sleeping at night
Happy is happy. What?

Answer: Eyes

9. Sucking two edges of the feathers
There is a hole in the middle
Get in then come out again
New year then ten painters. What?

Answers: Tunic (The Old Style Raincoat Or Wear)

10. Click above, click below, below click … above the pleasure, above click … under the pain, drawn is bleeding. What action?

Answer: Fishing

11. Small, red, red and pink grapes
It looks as shiny as a pomegranate seed
It looks so cute
Men, boys
Just like to lick your tongue out your tongue
Don’t dare to bite to play one. What?

Answer: Chilli

12. What is middle man?

Answer: The string

13. What comes to women every month?

Answer: Women’s monthly magazine

14. The head is cat-like, the paws are cat-like, and the ears are cat-like, but not a cat. So what is it?

Answer: A kitten

15. Two crabs run together, one red crab one black crab, the red crab 15cm long, the black crab is 5 cm long, the track is 25cm long.

Who finishes first?

Answer: The crab is black, immediately brooding, the crab is only red when it is boiled

16. What disease does the doctor give up?
Answer: It is a disease … broken arm!

17. A mother gives birth to ten thousand children
Day of death left only one father
Mother’s face was born as beautiful as a flower
Father’s face grimaced, no ghost looked?

Answers: Mother: Mr. Moon, Father: Mr. Sun

18. What is the most precious part of a son?

Answer: Pearls.

19. There is a flock of birds perched on a branch, and the hunter shoots a full-moon. How many dead children?
Answers: The full moon is 15 -> 15 dead.

20. In Vietnam, a blind man and three deaf guys go to eat pho, each of them has a bowl. Each bowl of pho is 10 thousand. how much must they pay after the meal?
Answer: They have to pay 20 thousand dong because 1 blind guy and three deaf guys eat 2 people!

21. There is a pear tree with 2 branches, each branch has 2 big branches, each big branch has 2 small branches, each fuzzy branch has two leaves, each leaf has two fruits. How many apples are there on that tree?
Answer: There are no apples because pears cannot produce any apples on the tree.

22. There are three apples on the table, you take two apples. How many apples do you have?
Project: 2 left because you just got 2.

23. I haven’t left you after three years of sunshine, what is the rain of one day why you leave me?
Answer: That is my shadow!

24. What can I carry a large piece of wood, but can’t carry a pebble?
Answer: The river.

25. There is a tram going south. Northwest wind. So which direction is the smoke from the ship?
Answer: There is no smoke on trains.

Questions about women waiting for your answer

1. Why are there many women’s days like Vietnamese women (October 20) and International Women’s days (March 8), but there are no men’s days?

2. Why when girls wear boys’ clothes or play soccer, they will be seen as strong and stylish, and boys who dress girls and play with dolls will immediately be called slime?

3. Why can women cry in front of men and men can’t cry in front of anyone?

4. It is always said that men and women are equal so why do men beat women, men are called brute and women beat men, men are called weak?


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