5 English pronunciation instructions on PC

5 English pronunciation instructions on PC


2021-04-17 20:57:44

Do you often think of a word in your mind but don’t know how to pronounce it? Not being able to pronounce words correctly is a common problem many people face. Especially those who don’t speak a language or it’s not their native language.

Good pronunciation can help you through job interviews, college exams, and everyday chat while traveling. Here are some English pronunciation apps you should try to achieve your ultimate goal.


PerfectProncasting is a Windows application to learn the basics of English pronunciation. It contains 500 exercises that teach you the correct pronunciation of the 500 most commonly used English words.

Main features:

  • 500 exercises that teach you the correct pronunciation of most commonly used English words
  • 564 high quality recordings with clear American English pronunciation
  • Clearly show you all the sounds in a word through phonetic sounding; information about word stress is also included. Phonetics covers all the pronunciations of a word, including English pronunciation.
  • Special notes explain the differences in pronunciation
  • Helps you review what you’ve learned with advanced SuperMemo technology; memorize the pronunciations in your head
  • Save time; “know” which exercises you will soon forget and help you review them and don’t waste time with exercises you’ve memorized well
  • Includes phonetic references – a guide to all English phonics with over 100 recorded words
EyeSpeak English
EyeSpeak English

EyeSpeak English gives you an exciting new way to improve your English pronunciation. This tool includes repeating words, phrases, and conversations over and over until your pronunciation sounds natural.

For example, the app includes two introductory tutorials that let you review the pronunciation of words like ‘all’, ‘best’, ‘boat’, ‘mouse’ and ‘owner’; along with phrases like ‘can you lend me some money?’ and ‘how much did the tickets cost?’

What’s new and unique here is the conversation feature. Here, you chat with various characters and answer their questions in English. Otherwise, they won’t understand your pronunciation and you have to start the test again.

Students can also check the pronunciation of the different sounds in English and see where their intonation is wrong. User progress and scores are periodically saved by the program.


WordWeb is a great pronunciation app that combines a dictionary and a pronunciation tool into one. It’s free, without ads, available on both Windows and Mac. This is considered the versatile solution for the English toolkit.

With one app, you get native wiki pronunciation, definition and search features. Furthermore, you have the option of activating a system-wide dictionary, easily accessible with a simple right-click in any application.

Main features:

  • Dictionary system
  • Simple pronunciation tool
  • Works offline
Google translator
Google translator

You are probably thinking that Google Translate is not in the category of English pronunciation apps. But honestly, it’s better than most of the pronunciation apps you’ll find on any of the app stores. Not only can you learn the pronunciation of a word, but also translate it into other languages.

Google Translate also has other handy features like translating text in images, real-time conversation translation, search history, and more.

Main features:

  • Pronunciation in many languages
  • Real-time text translation (camera)
  • Decompile

Google Search

Google Search
Google Search

Google Search works perfectly on your computer and is quite convenient when you’re surfing on your phone’s browser. All you have to do is right-click on a word and choose the Google Search option. This will open the definition of the word in a new tab with several options. Not only can you listen to the pronunciation, but you can also find related words, its origin, etc.

Click the speaker icon to hear the pronunciation or select “Learn to pronounce” for more options. For example, you can change stress, slow down the speed of speech, and even watch mouth movements for better pronunciation. This is a built-in pronunciation app for Chrome browser users.

Main features:

  • Easily search from browser
  • 3 options of stress
  • Mouth movements


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