5 Equalizer apps that improve sound quality on macOS

5 Equalizer apps that improve sound quality on macOS


2021-03-28 09:19:00

Applying an equalizer in macOS gives you some control over the quality of the audio output on your device. You can use this equalizer to customize and choose the sound quality to suit each genre of music as well as your personal taste. This article shows three ways to apply equalizer in macOS.

1. Audio Hijack

Audio Hijack is a professional audio editing application that allows you to flexibly apply audio effects on your Mac system. It can help align sound quality in a particular application or across an entire system. Audio Hijack gives you a custom equalizer with ten or thirty different tonal ranges and superb accuracy.

Audio Hijack also allows users to customize a variety of other sound effects in addition to editing conventional equalizer like audio compression and filtering. If you know how to use them in a fine combination, Audio Hijack gives you absolute control over the sound quality of your system. In addition, Audio Hijack also gives users the tools to record audio streams, then align them with podcasters and streamers so they can efficiently record their recordings. .

Download Audio Hijack.

2. Boom2

The newly launched Boom2 version possesses all the features that are appreciated in its predecessor, and adds a few tweaking elements to make everything more perfect.

Specifically, Boom2 is equipped with an intelligent AI algorithm, making fine-tuning your audio much simpler. For example, the algorithm can recommend optimal equalizer setup options for any audio or video file. Thereby, you will quickly get an equalizer that is best for you without spending much time experimenting.


In particular, you can also install the application “Boom Remote” on your iPhone or iPad and control the default volume level of your Mac as well as various equalization effects remotely. In addition, Boom2 is also compatible with some popular music platforms such as Spotify, QuickTime, Music and VLC.

Overall, learning how to use and use the Boom2 is pretty easy. You will not need experience or significant sound knowledge to understand how to tune the sound system in the application. This application provides many preliminary adjustments and automatic tools so that you can adjust the sound on your Mac system in no time.

However, the $ 13.99 price tag in the Mac App Store could be a hurdle for many.

Download Boom2

3. Airfoil

Airfoil and Audio Hijack are two similar equalizer tools. However, Airfoil is created as a free audio alignment application for wireless devices. Whatever it is free, Airfoil gives users an EQ panel with ten simple options that can be applied to any sound source on the computer, so you can apply the equalizer for free. This is for any audio source on macOS from a separate application or across the system.


Airfoil’s interface is extremely simple, so it is very easy to use. There are only a handful of controls in the entire interface of the application. Just select the sound source from the top, then adjust the EQ as desired, and you’re done.

Download Airfoil

4. eqMac

eqMac is a relatively new and completely free to use equalizer for macOS. Although not released long ago, but this application has gained a loyal user community quite crowded. If you feel like your Mac doesn’t have enough bass or the high range isn’t rounded, eqMac can help you solve these problems with ease. The basic equalizer is great and easy to use for beginners with toggle buttons for different bass, mids, and highs. While the more advanced equalizers add more advanced options, including frequency / Hz adjustment for significantly more realistic sound.


The smart fader also lets you flexibly change the bullet volume levels to the limits of the macOS experience. If you want to switch sound balance from right to left, eqMac can make it easy too. This feature works with all headphones as well as speakers in general.

The rich and completely free feature set makes eqMac an extremely attractive choice for macOS users.

Download eqMac

5. Music Equalizer

If you don’t like third-party equalizer apps, you can completely use the built-in audio equalizer in the dedicated Music app on Mac.

First, go to the Music app, then click “Window -> Equalizer“From the top menu.

Music Equalizer

Overall, this tool works quite simply. You can choose from built-in equalizers that match a variety of music genres, or drag the sliders to adjust the sound for each frequency band. In addition, you can also adjust the preamp volume, including all available frequencies. Once you’ve found the exact settings you want, you can create your own preset.

Although it doesn’t have as many features as specialized third-party equalizer apps, in return this tool is easy to use, built in and of course completely free.

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