5 important notes when buying a tire pressure sensor

5 important notes when buying a tire pressure sensor

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2022-10-28 07:50:44

What is the use of installing a pressure sensor for car tires?

Before exploring the important things when buying a tire pressure sensor, we invite you to learn some basic information about this device!

What is a tire pressure sensor? This is an electronic accessory born with the purpose of monitoring the pressure values ​​​​inside the car tires in the most accurate way. It has the full English name Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Abbreviation TPMS).

Should I install a tire pressure sensor?

Tire pressure sensor Where on the car? Normally, a TPMS system consists of 4 sensors that are attached to 4 car tires.

Why should you equip a pressure sensor for car tires? The great reasons that you should install this device include:

  • Update tire pressure parameters regularly: If you don’t have a pressure sensor attached, you’ll have to use a pressure gauge or take your car to the shop to see how the tire is. This is extremely inconvenient as well as time consuming. However, with a TPMS device, you can completely check your tires whenever you need to.
  • Extend tire life, avoid fuel consumption: Thanks to the regular update of the tire pressure value, the driver will know if the tire is good or bad. From there, inflate the tires in time, minimizing tire wear. At the same time save a part of fuel for cars.
  • Ensure the safety of the driver: The installation of TPMS helps you detect tire problems such as punctures, sharp objects, valve leaks, etc. Thus, helping you to avoid unexpected problems during the journey.

Fitting tire pressure sensor is extremely helpful. However, currently on the market there are countless TPMS devices with different designs, uses and prices. This makes drivers confused when buying. To choose the right product, you can refer to the following 5 notes.

Notes when choosing a car tire pressure sensor

5 important notes when buying pressure sensors for car tires including:

Choose the right product for your needs

Choosing a vehicle-compatible TPMS device is essential. Because each type of car has its own characteristics. Therefore, the compatibility level with each type of tire pressure sensor is not the same.

Currently, there are countless types of TPMS on the market. Based on the installation location, it is divided into 2 groups, including:

Choose the right TPMS device for your needs

External valve tire pressure sensor

The pressure sensor for the external tire is attached to the top of the wheel valve. The top advantage of TPMS external valve is the convenience in installation or replacement when failure occurs. Instead of having to disassemble a new tire, tire pressure sensorusers can completely do it themselves at home without affecting the vehicle structure.

However, if you want to inflate car tires, you need to use a professional sensor valve opener. At the same time, because it is mounted on the outside of the car, the risk of theft is very high. That’s why the latest external TPMS lines are designed with anti-theft locks. This is its biggest limitation.

Inner valve tire pressure sensor

The pressure sensor for the inner valve tire is installed inside the car tire. Inside the core of the device is a battery with a lifespan of more than 5 years.

Unlike an external pressure sensor, the inner valve TPMS type helps you avoid theft. Besides, its head is round, which can be flexibly adjusted to rotate up or down. Thus, avoiding damage and deformation.

However, mounting or repairing is complicated because it is mounted inside the tire. In case it is necessary to place an internal pressure sensor, the driver needs to go to the center to ensure it is correct, to avoid deviations, affecting the use process. Not only that, if the battery runs out, you can’t replace it yourself, but you have to order a new one from the manufacturer.

Should I use an inside or outside tire pressure sensor?

Recently, we have introduced to you the pros and cons of 2 popular types of tire pressure sensors. From there, consider buying the right product for your own needs. In addition, drivers can also buy TPMS devices according to other criteria such as: removable screen type or no screen; rechargeable or solar powered.

The best tire pressure sensor today

Next, we would like to introduce 3 brands that provide tire pressure sensors trusted by many customers. Specifically:

Steelmate tire pressure sensor

STEELMATE is a trademark exclusively distributed by the Company MT GROUP. Here provide both types of TPMS including tire pressure sensor internal and external valves. As a result, you are free to choose the TPMS device that best suits your car.

This product line is favored by many customers because of its outstanding features such as:

  • The screen uses solar energy
  • Built-in tire pressure leak warning function
  • Elegant and beautiful exterior design
  • Simple tire inflation, can rotate tires without turning TPMS
  • Prevent theft with safety lock

Steelmate tire pressure sensor is integrated with many utilities

Pressure sensor for Xiaomi tires

Originating from China, the popular Xiaomi tire pressure sensor lines in Vietnam include Xiaomi 70 mai Midrive t0, 70 mai Pro…

The advantages of this brand are:

  • Has the feature of connecting to mobile phones
  • Compact design, good water resistance
  • Solar powered

Michelin tire pressure sensor

Michelin manufactures only one type of TPMS, an external valve pressure sensor. Features of products from this brand include:

  • Long-lasting battery as well as good water resistance
  • The screen uses solar energy
  • Intelligent processor chip with high speed

The process of installing pressure sensors for tires is easy to do

Next, please pay attention to the installation process tire pressure sensor simple or not. If you are too busy, external TPMS is a perfect suggestion for you. Because as mentioned above, mounting this device does not take much time and can be done at home.

Meanwhile, the operation of mounting the pressure sensor in the valve is complicated and requires much higher technique. Therefore, please consider this to choose the right product.

Update the latest tire pressure sensor price

Cheap tire pressure sensor Not a question many customers ask. In fact, to evaluate the cost of a TPMS device depends on the function as well as the origin. On average, pressure sensor products range from a few hundred thousand to three to four million dong.

Price of tire pressure sensor today

Please read carefully the information of the item you want to buy to consider the price that is suitable for your financial conditions. However, do not be too thrifty to choose poor quality items, which will cost you time and money to repair later.

Choose a reputable tire pressure sensor installation address

To know if the supplier of TPMS products is reputable or not, you can refer to customers who have purchased before. At the same time, the reviews on the store’s website are also an important source to help you consider a quality address.

Choose a reputable pressure sensor mounting address

Most importantly, you should choose the place that has a warranty policy for the product. For products tire pressure sensor genuine, the average warranty period is from 1-3 years.


The last article has provided 5 important information when choosing tire pressure sensor. Hope readers can rely on that and buy suitable and high-quality products.

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