5 men’s watch brands with a price of 3-4 million are favored in Vietnam

5 men’s watch brands with a price of 3-4 million are favored in Vietnam


2021-03-23 02:49:04

TOP 5 men’s watch brands with a price of 3-4 million are popular

According to information provided by the Hai Trieu Watch agent, the men’s watch segment priced at 3-4 million in Vietnam does not have too many brands to choose from. While counterfeit and poor quality goods are also around this price range.

Therefore, choosing to buy men’s watches priced at 3-4 million VND, which satisfies all elements of a variety of models, reputable brands, and guaranteed quality seems quite difficult for people who are not knowledgeable about watches.

To minimize bad situation, Hai Trieu Clock has promptly brought up a list of 5 popular men’s watch brands that are popular after more than 30 years in the watch business.

1. Casio men’s watch brand

Talking about cheap watches, Casio definitely cannot be ignored. This is a Japanese watch brand that owns a huge number of models in the sub-segment of less than 4 million.

An easy-to-accept price for anyone, including office workers, students, students, … Understanding customers across the board, Casio has released many models.

Casio owns many cheap prices, even cheaper than men’s watches priced at 3-4 million

Including electronic watches to shockproof sports watches (G-Shock, Baby-G) or handy analog watches (Casio Sheen, Casio Edifice), …

The downside of Casio watches is that they are just too many fakes, so buyers should consider looking for a reputable store or a genuine Hai Trieu watch dealer.

2. Orient men’s watch brand

Orient is a Japanese watch brand with a mixture of technology (for the professional gamer) and convenience (for the general consumer).

So in the segment of men’s watches priced at 3-4 million, buyers have more choices between quartz watches (battery) or automatic watches (mechanical).

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Orient is a brand that specializes in mechanical machines

If the quartz watch, Orient company immediately used Seiko’s available high-end movement, with automatic watch, Orient company used assembly machine.

This helps to create a brand and its own distinctive character. All Orient machines are self-assembled in-house in Japan, according to Japanese standards (Japan Movt).

3. Citizen men’s watch brand

Have you heard of light energy meter? This is the trend of modern watches, and Citizen is the world’s first registered brand of light energy movement.

As for Citizen’s men’s watch segment priced at 3-4 million, buyers can only choose a quartz movement because the light energy machine (Eco-Drive) costs 4.1 million or more.

5 men's watch brands with a price of 3-4 million are popular in Vietnam - Photo 3.

Citizen is famous for its line of light energy watches

However, whether the quartz or Eco-Drive movement is self-assembled by Citizen. Citizen is also a rare manufacturer that assembles all of its own machines.

In addition to being “self-sufficient”, Citizen also sells bulk movement parts to many other brands, and Citizen Group officially became one of the six largest watch groups on the planet.

4. Fossil Men’s Watch Brand

If the three above brands are from Japan, then Fossil is the representative of the American watch and fashion industry with a long history of establishment since 1984.

Because it is a fashion brand, Fossil’s products are mostly affordable, focusing strongly on the segment of 4 million men’s watches.

5 men's watch brands with a price of 3-4 million are popular in Vietnam - Photo 4.

Fossil’s $ 3-4 million men’s watch has a stylish look

Fossil’s strength in fashion with a stylish look was thought to be, but the efforts to upgrade the technology inside also surprised the watchmakers.

Specifically, the company very often publishes mechanical watches (including mechanical design exposing, hollowing out), … which need the most complex movement and mechanism.

5. Brand of OP men’s watches

The last brand in the highly regarded 3-4 million men’s watch chain is OP (Olym Pianus – Olympia Star) with two separate product lines.

In particular, Olym Pianus is a watch line using machines assembled in Japan and Olympia Star is assembled in Switzerland, so Pianus has a more affordable price.

5 popular men's watch brands with the price of 3-4 million VND in Vietnam - Photo 5.

OP with luxurious design

The owners of OP products also do not complain much about the quality because the materials are all premium in the price range such as stainless steel, sapphire glass, …

Above are 5 brands of men’s watches priced at 3-4 million are very popular. However, according to the recommendation from the Hai Trieu Dong Ho dealer, the counterfeit goods for this segment are also very diverse.

Buyers should go to a genuine dealer to fully enjoy their benefits such as 5-year warranty, free lifetime battery replacement, 1 for 1 if faulty, … from Hai Trieu.

Genuine men’s watch dealer in Vietnam

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