5 reasons Coin98 Insights makes podcasts

5 reasons Coin98 Insights makes podcasts


2021-03-29 07:10:23

After a long incubation, the Coin98 team decided to bring to the podcast series to share analysis, reviews and perspectives on the crypto market with the brothers. Hopefully with this series, Coin98 can bring more value in life stories, career stories and investment stories to listeners. From now on, we can not only talk and exchange words, but also listen to each other closer and closer.

With this first podcast, Coin98 wants to share with you the reason for the beginning of the series so that you can easily grasp the insight of the whole series as well as understand what we are coming together, listening to each other for?

Listen to podcasts here:

5 reasons I do podcasts

Huge amount of news constantly updating about thousands of projects every day

Just walking around Twitter, Medium, Youtube, … of thousands of publishing projects is enough to overwhelm you. This can easily distract you and make it difficult to grasp, especially important information.

The variety of information makes it easy for you to wonder which news to ignore, what news to follow … Even for myself, sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the wave of news coming from projects, internal distribution. type, analyzing information is already a problem. Therefore, in the upcoming series, I will select & analyze topics and projects that the community is interested in.

Information speed is extremely fast in the market

The question is how can Coin98 update everything on the Coin98.NET web while converting them into articles is quite time consuming. The nature of the information pushed on Twitter or Telegram is fast and impactful almost immediately, waiting to transform into a news article may be old and the price impact has happened. out.

But with podcasts, I can quickly process that information, analyze them from my perspective and then publish them quickly to the community. In addition, my audio podcasts will also be written by the Coin98 team and transformed into articles, so that you can read it again and study it further later.

Can invite more knowledgeable, far-reaching & diverse people in the market

From there, we can discuss and analyze the market together so that you can diversify your perspectives on a given issue or news, as well as capture more new knowledge from those who come before.

Diversify the way information is shared

From now on, you can absorb more information with better quality, more multi-source and more convenient, sometimes you can take time to research important information when traveling on the road. of the market together with Coin98.

Making information source Coin98 closer contact with brothers and sisters in the community

Previously, we only knew our team through posts or chat lines, shared on facbook, telegram. We have not really had many opportunities to contact & talk with our brothers and sisters.

But from now on, with this podcast series, our team will be exchanged and listened to more opinions from brothers and sisters with the content deepening the concerns in the community. If you pay special attention to what topics, just fill out the link listen to the reader, my team will update as soon as possible.

At Coin98 Podcast, what will you get?

As I said above, the Coin98 Podcast is my analysis, reviews, (not news) perspective & the Coin98 team about the topics, or important information that takes place in the market.

Maybe they are hot information that just happened in the market, but I will not convey it in the form of news, but share thoughts, analyze, evaluate and give perspective on them.

Because I think you can read and find them a lot on different pages. But what’s really important is with that news, what we do, how we analyze it, and how we react to it.

A few notes for brothers listening to podcasts

There are a few things I hope you will notice a little bit:

Audio or articles on coin98.net are the analyzes, reviews, perspectives of yourself and the Coin98 team, please use it as a source of knowledge reference to learn more yourself and further. Make your own investment decisions. You do not see it as investment advice.

You can listen to Podcast Coin98 through these applications on the following phones:

  • Podbean (should be installed on the phone – because I will post audio podcasts here first).
  • Spotify, soundcloud.
  • Apple Podcasts.
  • Google Podcast.
  • Castbox.
  • Podcast Players.

In the near future, I will integrate podcasts right on the interface of ccoin98.net so that you can always listen when reading articles on Coin98 which are both fast and convenient.

Below this post, I will put the google form link. Which topic do you want to hear, please fill out the form for me. I will check them every day, every week there will be a podcast dedicated to answering those questions. Brothers fill out questions here.

Hello and see you in the next article.

Visit the Coin98 Insights Podcast: http://coin98.podbean.com/


The next # 2 podcast will be: An effective way to select, search, and research information for newbies.


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