5 reasons Fresher IT chooses Talent Fullstack Developer at OCG

5 reasons Fresher IT chooses Talent Fullstack Developer at OCG

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2021-07-13 20:01:39

Reason 1: Learned background knowledge from project implementation

For many young people, the period after graduating from school and before getting used to professional work is extremely vague. The lack of practical experience, especially the lack of thinking to do the job in a fundamental way, has caused many of you to lose confidence in the professional environment, leading to taking longer than necessary to catch up with Work.

At OCG, the Talent Fullstack Developer course is designed for each student to understand the fundamentals deeply. At the same time, students will practice on OCG’s own real projects to understand the roots of each work in a practical context, separating theory from books. This background knowledge helps students build their own working methods effectively, and most importantly, develop their expertise quickly and sustainably.

Reason 2: Guided by a team of seasoned training and practice

At the University, young people are used to teachers who teach according to the old curriculum, with outdated theoretical knowledge; When you graduate from school, your mentors are usually people who have been in business for a long time, their specialized knowledge has gone beyond and become difficult to understand for freshers. In order to meet the desire to learn fundamental theories from people with practical experience, OCG has gathered leading experts to guide freshers in the Talent Fullstack Developer course.

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CTO Truong Bui – The person directly involved in developing the curriculum and tutorials at Talent Fullstack Developer

Not only possessing top-notch communication skills thanks to many years of experience in team training, the Talent Fullstack Developer experts are all seniors and Tech Leads who are good at fighting in the field of information technology and e-commerce. Studying with OCG experts is an opportunity for young people to come closest to the reality of the industry in a short period of time, equipping them with enough knowledge to confidently join the official staff of OCG. after only two months.

Reason 3: Clear career path

At OCG’s Talent Fullstack Developer, students will receive thorough instruction in IT in the field of e-commerce – an industry that is growing exponentially worldwide. The course gives each of you an extremely clear and realistic perspective on the industry as well as on the future career path. All freshers participating in the course have the opportunity to work officially at OpenCommerce Group – one of the leading cross-border e-commerce companies in Vietnam – with an attractive and competitive offer in the market.

Reason 4: Lots of practical conditions for freshers to develop

In addition to providing full knowledge and experience in the training course, OCG always creates conditions for Talent Fullstack Developers to focus on learning and professional development right in the capital. Although it is called a training course, Talent Fullstack Developers all receive VND 7,000,000 “ting ting” into their accounts every month, as well as many other practical benefits such as participating in cultural activities of the company. company, or get a certificate at the end of the course to brighten up your CV, etc.

Moreover, OCG always focuses on nurturing talents right from the classroom: many students have been recruited to become full-time employees even before the course ends with extremely attractive offers!

Reason 5: Ideal working environment

Gone are the days when you had to race to the elevator to timekeeping at 8 a.m. if you didn’t want your salary to be deducted. Understanding the minds of young people, OCG has built and maintained a relaxed, dynamic and youthful corporate culture, creating maximum conditions for each individual to unleash creativity and contribute to the organization with highest possible performance.

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Delicious lunch buffet made by the chefs at OCG

At OCG, Openers can catch the sunrise at 10 o’clock if they want. No one has to worry about what to eat this afternoon because that is prepared by the “MasterChef” class chefs every day. Furthermore, every Opener has 2 days of teleworking per month to re-energize and find inspiration that is not in the office. These policies are all aimed at creating the most suitable conditions for each member to maximize their potential for creativity and dedication.

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