5 search engines for ICOs and virtual currencies that are extremely cool and useful for Traders.

5 search engines for ICOs and virtual currencies that are extremely cool and useful for Traders.


2021-03-28 12:24:59

With more than 900 cryptocurrencies currently on the market, exchanging them on different exchanges can be somewhat daunting and overwhelming for investors. This article provides concise and accurate information about the tools you can use to find new ICO projects and new virtual currencies to make an informed investment decision.

1. Top ICO List.

Top ICO List is your one-stop shop to discover potential new ICOs in the cryptocurrency market. Top ICO provides a list of all the ICO projects and even better the ICO categorization to bring you a list of the best upcoming ICOs.

Top ICO also provides detailed information on some of the best performing ICOs and information on past ICOs so you have a basis for evaluating the performance of ICOs that are of interest to you. The Top ICO list is also a platform where you can find whitepapers and a one-page editorial newsletter about ICOs instead of having to navigate through multiple websites to find out. whitepaper of blockchain startups.

2. ICO Bench.

ICO Bench is a professional ICO rating site using reviews from professional crypto traders and experts. These experts evaluate the project and look for various parameters (such as project team, hard capital, and whitepaper) and rate them accordingly.

In addition, a rating algorithm is used for separate evaluation based on 20 criteria. An ICO can score 40 points using this algorithm. This rating is then combined with the experts’ rating to compute a final score.

3. CoinGecko.

CoinGecko is still in public beta testing but it has been recognized as a very valuable tool for crypto traders and investors looking to stay ahead of the market.

CoinGecko simply provides a real-time ranking of active cryptocurrencies on multiple exchanges. A glance at CoinGecko is enough to provide a comprehensive view of cryptocurrencies, real-time prices and the rate of increase / decrease during the session.

CoinGecko also provides information on the market cap values ​​of different coins. Furthermore, CoinGecko updates the coin’s development and community activity to show if its developers are still backing the coin and a strong community of users, if any.

4. Smith + Crown.

Smith + Crown is setting to become the Bloomberg / Zacks / Financial Times site of the cryptocurrency sector.

Smith + Crown provides access to a suite of “tagged and abridged public research for reference and discovery”. The company also maintains a repository of a comprehensive, edited list of upcoming and active ICOs. The company provides a simple summary of all the ICOs on the list (project name, a short description of its ICO, and the start and end date of that token sale).

For some of the listed ICO projects, Smith + Crown also offers more in-depth research (eg a whitepaper review, market research, and comment on the project team’s strategy).

In addition, Smith + Crown also includes details on the ICO founder’s details status, the availability of the project code, and whether the ICO is open to US investors.

5. Cryptowatch.

The aforementioned tools are mainly designed to help you with research and testing before you buy into any ICO or virtual currency.

However, Cryptowatch is designed to help you improve your trading success rate after you buy a virtual currency. Cryptowatch offers a live feed of hundreds of coins across eight different exchanges. Cryptowatch’s live data page also tracks currencies across different currency denominations so that investors in all parts of the world know how specific cryptocurrencies are worth compared to their local currency. family.

Now that you have useful tools to help you discover new ICOs and cryptocurrencies, you next need an exchange that will help you gain a competitive edge in the market.

EXMO is an awesome crypto exchange that is about to start its own EXMO Coin token crowdsale on April 26, 2018, the purpose of which is to launch margin lending services on the exchange’s platform. Users will be able to trade their crypto assets at a leverage ratio and international token holders will receive another type of profitable asset in the crypto market.

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