5 ways to check if your iPhone is infected with a virus?

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2021-07-25 22:43:45

The fact that phones are infected with viruses is now inevitable because they are often hidden in the form of apps, after entering your device, they will steal your bank account information or social network accounts for the purpose of favoring you. profit. So this article will guide you to check if your iPhone is infected with a virus or not?

1. Check if the device has been Jailbreak or not

Jailbreak is the act of making your iPhone do anything that Apple doesn’t allow, be it downloading banned apps or modded apps. This is a pretty interesting experience, but jailbreaking your device means it’s easier for viruses to get into your device.

So, for those of you who do not intend to jailbreak, please check if your device has been jailbroken or not. Pull down the Spotlight toolbar and search for Cydia. If Cydia appears, your device has been jailbroken.

2. Pop up ads in safari

Another thing that you also need to pay attention to is pop-up ads in safari, sometimes there are ads that appear and notify that your computer has been infected with a virus, please follow to remove them. Then do not be foolish to click, follow you will be infected with the virus.

If you clicked it by mistake, back up your data and restore the factory settings to avoid virus infection.

3. Update the app regularly

Updating apps on a regular basis will also protect your device from viruses. New updates will patch vulnerabilities and this makes it impossible for viruses to attack your device.

4. Test the application

As mentioned, viruses often hide in the form of apps, so if you find a strange application that you have never installed, it is a virus hidden in the form of an app. With iOS 14 version, in addition to surfing to search in the screen, the App Library is the part that you need to check carefully.

5. Check the battery life of the app

Another way for you to check if your device is really infected with a virus is to check the battery life.

Go to Settings > Battery > Check if there are any apps that drain the battery abnormally. If yes, it is very likely that your iPhone has been infected with a virus.

Just now are 5 ways for you to check if your iPhone is infected with a virus or not. If there are marks that I just mentioned above, restore the settings and regularly update the official iOS versions to increase the security of the device.


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