6 details you need to know about MonsterVerse before Godzilla vs. Godzilla. Kong will be released on March 26

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2021-03-22 09:55:15

MonsterVerse by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. is preparing to receive the first major crossover event between Godzilla and Kong in the blockbuster launch on March 26. So far, these 2 studios have released 3 different movie films, including Godzilla (2014), Kong: Skull Island (2017) and Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), and gradually formed the His story, his own principles for the universe. This makes their MonsterVerse different from the previous Titan monster films, and at the same time makes audiences still excited about the movie even though the theme of exploitation is not really new.

Let’s review a few different highlights in MonsterVerse before admiring the fierce death battle between Godzilla and King Kong on March 26.

To mankind, Godzilla is more of a hero than a villain

First, it must be emphasized that Godzilla in MonsterVerse fights for the planet, for natural balance, not because it wants to protect humanity. However, in his own 2 films, Godzilla has appeared many times in time and helped people avoid the catastrophe caused by other monsters. This is the difference from previous versions, especially the 1954 Godzilla original – where it actively shattered the beautiful city of Tokyo.

Instead, the humans in MonsterVerse seem to know how to take advantage of and rely on Godzilla to fight other Titans on their behalf. In other words, it is like a savior with overwhelming power and powerful atomic fire, no matter where you go, it will leave ruined ruins there.

Originally, in the comic book Godzilla: Awakening, Godzilla was designed in the form of MUTO (Unidentified Terrestrial Giant). This book also serves as a prequel to the movie released in 2014, when it was confronted with two other “MUTO”. Godzilla’s name was given to it by a Pacific Islander when he first saw it waving at sea. At that time, humans had judged Godzilla as a threat and sought to eliminate it. But after it “helped” them defeat the other two “MUTOs”, one part changed its view of Godzilla, even glad that it was still at peace after the war.

King Kong has “successful puberty”, higher than the works of the 70s

6 details you need to know about MonsterVerse before Godzilla vs. Godzilla.  Kong will debut on March 26 - Photo 2.

Any audience who loves King Kong will acknowledge it as a “big” monkey, but not as giant as in MonsterVerse. He could easily climb the Empire State Building as if he were climbing a tree, but remember Godzilla was even able to crash the same building with no difficulty. That proves that compared to the monster king, the size of the other chimpanzee is not so much. Yet in the trailers of Godzilla vs. God. Kong, these two monsters are about the same size. What happened?

Kong: Skull Island is set in 1973, and this movie also mentioned that Kong is just a monkey in puberty, which will continue to grow in the future. Over the past four decades, it is now much larger and even closer to Godzilla’s size. It is known that the atomic monster remains about 120 meters tall in the upcoming movie, but Kong has grown dramatically and is 102 meters high.

The mid-credits section of Godzilla: King of the Monsters shows Kong’s ancestors during a great war with Godzilla in the past.

6 details you need to know about MonsterVerse before Godzilla vs. Godzilla.  Kong will debut on March 26 - Photo 3.

Credit is understood simply as information related to the work, often referring to the identity of the production team as well as the cast in the movie. However, since Marvel Studios created the MCU, these credits also act as a “tipper” for some of the next works effectively. Now, instead of rushing out of theaters after the movie ends, audiences will have to stay for a few more minutes to see what the producers are up to in the future. And Godzilla: King of the Monsters did not disappoint fans.

In the mid-credits scene, we have seen a lot of videos related to the Monarch organization, Hollow Earth and other giant monsters. In it, there is a painting on the cliff in the cave showing King Kong confronting Godzilla in the presence of humans. Since Kong is only an immature monkey in the 70s, the above painting is likely to refer to the war from many years ago, between its ancestors and the monster king. This detail will also be exploited more carefully in the upcoming blockbuster.

The secret organization Monarch has been around since the 40s in this cinematic universe

6 details you need to know about MonsterVerse before Godzilla vs. Godzilla.  Kong will debut on March 26 - Photo 4.

Monarch is a secret organization formed by governments of many countries in 1946. Their main purpose is to find, track and research about giant monsters. The organization first appeared in the manga book Godzilla: Awakening when they learned about a creature called Shinomura. It was also the first time that Dr. Serizawa (Ishiro Serizawa’s father) saw Godzilla and called it Gojira, as Ishiro pronounced on the big screen.

By the year 70, Monarch continued to explore the island Skull Island. In 1999, the same organization went into the mine and discovered the giant skeleton of a mysterious creature that many fans claimed to be Dagon – also of the genus Godzilla and “older” than MonsterVerse’s Godzilla. . Monarch was officially exploited deeper at the 2014 event, when two MUTOs awoke and began to wreak havoc on many big cities to find each other and lay eggs.

There have been 17 Titans monsters appearing in MonsterVerse (and will surely increase in the future)

6 details you need to know about MonsterVerse before Godzilla vs. Godzilla.  Kong launches on March 26 - Photo 5.

Although only 3 movies have been released, MonsterVerse has brought 17 different giant monsters. Some of them are proclaimed main characters, others appear briefly in the credits, and it’s impossible to forget the creatures who bowed to Godzilla at the end of King of the Monsters.

The monsters that fans are most informed about, or appear most complete include Godzilla, Mothra, King Kong, Rodan, King Ghidorah and 3 MUTOs (2 in the 2014 movie and the other coming out. shown in King of the Monster). In addition, we can see a glimpse of Scylla – a giant spider, Behemoth – an ancient mammoth-like creature with a larger size, or Methuselah, a stone monster. Some other names like Abaddon, Sargon, … appeared in the newspaper in the mid-credits, causing the total number of monsters to hit 17 after only 3 movies.

King Ghidorah came from space

6 details you need to know about MonsterVerse before Godzilla vs. Godzilla.  Kong will debut on March 26 - Photo 6.

Not all Titan monsters come from Earth, because in King of the Monsters it is mentioned that Ghidorah is a cosmic creature “falling from the stars”. The weapon Oxygen Destroyer, created by Daisuke Serizawa to destroy any creature in the world, didn’t really work on Ghidorah. It is one of the most powerful monsters on the planet, making every opponent obey, except Godzilla. However, it should be remembered that before the final battle broke out, Godzilla had been “fertilized” by Ghidorah into the field and had to retreat to the core of the Earth to heal.

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