6 easy ways to extract audio from video

6 easy ways to extract audio from video


2021-04-16 04:27:01

Extracting audio from the video is very simple, so you can incorporate any audio into the video with the original audio removed. To separate music from video, we can use some video editing software, or use some online tools to process video. The tools for taking audio from video support many popular video files such as MP4, AVI, FLV, MPEG, so users can easily split music from video without having to convert video formats. The following article will guide you to read audio cutting tools from video.

Ways to separate audio from video

1. Extract audio from video with Video Editor

Right on Windows 10 you can also use the Video Editor video editing tool to separate music from video with a very simple way. The Video Editor application supports many video editing and altering tools, including turning off video audio.

Step 1:

At the interface on Windows you enter Video Editor keyword go to the search bar and then click on the results found.

Step 2:

Display the interface of Video Editor, click to select New video project button as shown below.

Create a new project

Now show the interface Enter a name for the new video about to edit, enter a name and press the OK button.

Enter a video name

Step 3:

Then the user clicks Add button then choose where to get the video you want to edit.

Choose where to get the video

Open the folder to select the video to edit, then click to add it to the interface of Video Editor. When you see the video displayed in the interface of the application, you Scroll down on the white frame of the Storyboard then you can edit the video.

Edit video

Step 4:

Hover over the video in the Storyboard pane then set the video audio level to 0 as shown below. If you want, you can also mute the video.

Sound off

Continue to press Video Finish button in the top right corner to complete the video editing. At this point you will be choose the quality of the video you want to export, already Click Export to export the video is done.

The finished video output will no longer sound as before.

Video export

Video instructions to remove video audio on Windows 10

2. Use the online Audio Extractor tool

Audio-extractor.net is one of the best online tools for separating audio from any type of video. With this tool, you can save audio as MP3, WAV or as iPhone ringtone in no time.

Online tool Audio Extractor

Audio Extractor does not disappoint you when separating audio with excellent quality. If you want to cut a small clip from this video, you can use some audio file cutter tools like iTunes or WavePad Audio Spiltter. This tool is useful when you want to save a movie dialogue as a ringtone.

3. Using VLC Media Player

If you are a Windows user, you can use the software VLC Media Player, it has a built-in tool capable of extracting audio from video files. The implementation is very simple, you just need to enter Media and click Convert / Save.

Choose Convert / Save

Then, a dialog box appears for you to choose the file to convert, check the option Show more options to select the exact timeline for which you want to split the audio, then select Convert / Save.

Select the converted file

Next you will see some other conversion options like selecting the OGG audio output, MP3, etc … Or go through the next steps carefully or you may skip some important steps.

Select audio output

After selecting the desired sound profile, click on the wrench icon. Here you have to name the sound file and press the button Save.

Click the Save button

Finally, click Browse to select where to save the converted audio file and press the button Start to start the transition.

Choose where to save the converted file

4. Use QuickTime for Mac users

Fortunately for Mac users, you won’t have to go through the messy steps above with QuickTime. Operation is very simple, just open the video file with this tool and select Export As to save the file as an audio file.

Use QuickTime to extract audio

5. Use Audacity software

Audacity is one of the best software for all of the versatile audio requirements and it’s completely free. To extract audio from a video file, just open Audacity, click Open Files and a window will appear to select the file you want to extract the audio from. Then choose the format to convert and save the file.

Audacity software

See also: How to record with Audacity on a computer

6. Use the app on your phone

If you want to extract audio from your phone, you can use the Extract Audio from Video app. After importing MP4, 3GP or WEBM video files, you can choose the desired audio file format. Then just click Extract as shown below. You can refer to the article How to separate audio from video on Android with Timbre app and article How to separate audio from video on iOS with Mute Video app.

Select Extract

With the above methods you can save audio from any video and use them for many different purposes.


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