6 Nokia phones under 1 million VND, fully functional, including 4G to surf Facebook

6 Nokia phones under 1 million VND, fully functional, including 4G to surf Facebook

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2022-02-24 12:55:57

Smartphones are now quite popular, but it raises security and safety risks. Many people now tend to use “brick” phones to receive important confidential messages. Currently, Nokia is still the leading supplier for such “brick” phones, here are the 6 best options. They all cost several hundred thousand dong and no more than 1 million dong. Some even have 4G for basic network access.

Nokia 105 (410 thousand VND)

Nokia 105 features a body made of polycarbonate plastic that provides high durability, impact resistance to help users comfortably “toss” anytime, anywhere. It also has a 1.77-inch TFT LCD screen. This is the phone with the most basic functions that users can find today. It also has a flashlight, FM radio and 3.5mm headphone support. Nokia 105 has only one SIM with a removable 800 mAh battery that meets the needs of 2-3 days of calling or a whole week of standby time.

Nokia 110 (520 thousand VND)

Basically, Nokia 110 is almost like Nokia 105 with the features of calling, texting or FM radio, flashlight. What makes Nokia 110 more expensive is that it has more features such as having 2 SIM cards, supporting memory cards to listen to MP3 music and having some legendary games like snakes of prey, bounce.

Nokia 150 (700 thousand VND)

Nokia 150 continues to be an upgrade over Nokia 110. It has a 2.4 inch TFT LCD screen that supports 65,536 colors. Users can listen to calls, text messages, listen to FM radio, listen to MP3 music with a memory card that supports up to 32GB. In particular, it has a QVGA camera (320 x 240 pixels) that can take pictures.

Nokia 105 4G (750 thousand VND)

With a roadmap to cut off 2G and possibly 3G in the future, a phone with 4G connectivity will be essential even if you use a brick phone. Nokia 105 4G with a new modern design with 4G will bring many simple calling features with the fastest and most stable connection. Its features are basically the same as the Nokia 105. Nokia 105 4G also has a stronger battery up to 1020 mAh and has a VGA front camera (480 x 640 pixels).

Nokia 110 4G (850 thousand VND)

Nokia 110 4G has a modern design with a 1.8-inch screen that supports 65,536 colors. Inside is a memory that can store more than 2000 phone numbers without a memory card. Features listening to calls, entertainment with FM radio, listening to music via memory card up to 32GB and rear camera. Nokia 110 4G is equipped with a classic T9 keyboard with high bounce with extremely pleasant clicking feeling.

Nokia 215 4G (900 thousand VND)

This is Nokia’s most advanced brick phone that users can find at the moment. On the outside, it is quite similar to other brick Nokia but it has better network access with both web browsing and pre-installed facebook applications so you don’t miss anything.

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