7 mistakes when using air conditioners that make you “throw money out the window”

7 mistakes when using air conditioners that make you “throw money out the window”

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2021-06-03 03:34:48

1. The size of the air conditioner is too big for the room area

Many people think that the bigger the air conditioner, the faster it will cool down. However, an air conditioner that is too large for the area of ​​the room will not be able to evenly distribute the heat throughout the room or reduce the humidity.

You should choose an air conditioner with the right size and cooling capacity for the area of ​​​​the room. Just save monthly electricity, while helping your room become cooler, more luxurious and sophisticated.

Table of instructions for choosing the right air conditioner capacity.

2. Regularly close the door when using the air conditioner

The air in a closed room is 2-5 times more toxic than outdoors, so you should choose air conditioners with air filtration and germicidal functions to keep the air in the room fresh.

In addition, every 15 – 30 minutes you should open the door of the room once for a few seconds so that the room can “breathe”, exchange air with the outside. You can equip additional ventilation fans in the room, to exchange outdoor air into the room for more comfortable room air.

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3. Install the air conditioner in the wrong place

The location of the air conditioner also has a big impact on its energy efficiency. Many homes have air conditioning on the hottest wall in the room. People think that this way the room will quickly cool down. However, the machine has to work harder to cool the superheated wall first and then the air in the room.

Therefore, instead, you should install the air conditioner in shady corners so that the temperature in the room drops quickly and then slowly cools the surrounding walls. Thus, the temperature in the room will cool quickly, cool for a long time, in addition, the area where the air conditioner is located should not be blocked by shrubs or other furniture. Finally, make sure that the air conditioner is located away from lights and other appliances that generate heat.

4. Turn on the air conditioner 24/7

Hot days make many families turn on the air conditioner continuously throughout the day. However, this not only wastes electricity, but also greatly affects health when staying in a closed room with the air conditioner on for a long time. You should only sit in an air-conditioned room for no more than 2 hours.

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When leaving the room, open the door wide and stand at the door for a few minutes to allow the body to adapt to the new air. You should not leave the air conditioner on overnight, but should use sleep mode to set a timer to turn off the air conditioner.

Your body can tolerate higher temperatures while asleep than awake. And if you sleep with air conditioning, you should note that the more you sleep at night, the less your body moves, you will easily catch colds, so you need to adjust the air conditioner to increase the temperature at night.

5. Let the air conditioner temperature too low

Turning on the air conditioner at a temperature that is too low makes you more likely to catch a cold due to the high temperature difference between inside and outside. In particular, the elderly and children with weak resistance are easy to have headaches, sore throats, stuffy noses, so usually, the air conditioner temperature around 25 degrees Celsius is the best.

You should also take care to avoid sudden temperature changes. Do not step into an air-conditioned room as soon as you come back from the sun or sweat a lot while exercising. Before leaving the room, you should stand at the door wide open for a few minutes to allow your body to adapt to the hot air outside. However, also try to avoid constantly going in and out to limit the body being disturbed by having to regularly adjust to adapt to the temperature.

6. Do not use the fan

Many people think that air conditioners replace traditional fans. In fact, a fan will help you run your air conditioner more efficiently by circulating air around the room, which not only saves money on your bill, but also reduces wear and tear on your appliance. What’s more, the fan creates an artificial “cold wind” that keeps you comfortable at slightly higher temperatures.

7. Turn off the air conditioner when the room is cold enough

Many people turn off the air conditioner as soon as the room is cool enough and turn it back on when it is hot to save electricity. However, few expected this to cause the opposite effect. Air conditioners need to consume a lot of power when starting up. Therefore, instead of turning it on to 16 degrees Celsius and then turning it off immediately after a few minutes, you should leave it stable at 25 degrees Celsius for a long time.

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