7 things to do for a Bitcoin believer

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2022-10-04 12:58:42

A new year has begun, according to tradition, Bitcoin Magazine lists 7 new year plans for Bitcoin believers. To build a strong community needs to start from the efforts of each individual.

Of the 7 things below, what can you do for the Bitcoin community?


Talk about Bitcoin to 5 people and help them set up wallets

Anyone can become a Bitcoin evangelist. You may be surrounded by relatives or friends who are interested in Bitcoin but don’t know where to start, you can help them answer their questions and help them set up a wallet. There are many types of non-trust wallets for you to choose from.

Teach them how to keep their wallets and private keys, help them understand their rights and responsibilities. Then pass a few sats to them to help them make the first move.

Install a full node

Do you have your own full node? You should install a full node. Nodes are very important to the security of the Bitcoin network. When operating a full node, it is possible to authenticate your Bitcoin transactions, ensuring authenticity and without the intervention of others.

While this may sound complicated, it is well worth it. Bitcoin.org has listed the basic requirements to operate a full Bitcoin node:

  • Operate the hardware of a desktop or laptop computer using the latest version of Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.
  • 200 GB available storage, minimum read and write speeds of 100 MB/s
  • Memory 2 GB
  • Minimum network download speed 50 KB/s
  • Unlimited network connections, restricted connections, or periodically checked connections to ensure its upload limit is not exceeded. For all nodes on a high-speed connection, it’s very common to use more than 200 GB of space a month. The download usage per month is about 20 GB but each node startup requires an additional 195 GB.
  • Your full node must operate at least every day for 6 hours (during the operation you can do other things). The longer the run time, the better, and preferably uninterrupted operation.

Making a “crypto will”

How will your Bitcoin settle after your death? Can your heirs properly dispose of your crypto assets?

Last year, attorney Pamela Morgan spent a year promoting the signing of wills related to crypto assets. On top of that, she specially wrote a book. During the interview, she said:

“When I first started, I asked myself the questions that all lawyers always ask. For example, if you have some crypto assets, can your family members own it? If someone needs to depend on you economically, you want someone else to come into your life, or you want to support charities or a political cause then to be able to use Bitcoin or your other crypto assets then you need to do something. If you do nothing, your crypto assets will not be distributed at will.”

So let’s handle Bitcoin-related events well in 2019!

Control your own private key

“Without the private key, there is no Bitcoin.” Is the private key in your hand? Do you know where your private key is?

You can join the Proof of Keys event on January 3rd and transfer all your Bitcoins from a third-party service platform to a non-trust wallet. At the same time, you can also operate your full node for private key authentication. Making sure not to store Bitcoins on a third-party trust platform is a good start.

Finding Bitcoin Roots

Have you read Satoshi Nakamoto’s prospectus? Have you attended any offline events lately? Sometimes going back to the beginning is a good thing. In the Bitcoin community, there is no shortage of people eager to learn and exchange ideas (not merely price predictions).

Perhaps a few years ago you started your journey to discover Bitcoin during an offline event. Either way, you should meet Bitcoinists regularly. If you are an “old man”, your experience is invaluable. If you are new, someone will answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

No matter what the specific situation, when we keep sharing interactions, the Bitcoin community will become stronger.

Challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone, learn or do some new things

Each of us has our own area of ​​expertise. What other aspects of Bitcoin are there that you still don’t want to dig deeper into? This is not just a “technological” challenge. Maybe there’s an economics book you haven’t read yet or a lecture topic you’ve often overlooked?

Let 2019 be a year for you to delve into every nook and cranny of Bitcoin: Finish that book, listen to a lecture, watch a series of videos, and make a product.

Release positive energy

At the end of 2017, the price of Bitcoin and other Altcoins skyrocketed, making everyone excited. However, 2018 saw a prolonged “unlocked” decline.

But in fact, last year Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies both leapfrogged in terms of technology and application. What’s more, we haven’t seen a sharp drop in the price of Bitcoin before.

So, in a year filled with these new opportunities, you should be a Bitcoin believer with positive energy: Stay away from FUD (anxiety, uncertainty, cynicism), welcome newcomers, welcome Altcoiners (Altcoin supporters), don’t laugh at other people’s pain, keep Hold (keep money instead of selling it) and keep Build (develop).

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