7 tips to choose a professional software development company in Vietnam

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2022-09-18 00:06:49

When investing your time and money, you will definitely want to get a good product that fully meets your requirements. Therefore, the development team should consist of experienced professionals who will complete the project within the agreed time and without exceeding the budget.

The problem is that not many customers have enough experience to make the right choice quickly and without problems. It is easy to get lost in the flow of suggestions or make mistakes from hasty decisions.

Let’s see what to look out for when you choose a Vietnamese software developer. Based on our experience, we recommend paying attention to the following factors to choose the right one:

1. Research their website

The company website is the face of the company, and this is true of all sectors. A reputable Vietnamese software development company website should have a description of the services provided and examples of completed projects. It would be great to see a blog, which proves that a team is really working and has enough experience to share expertise with others.

Don’t believe excuses like “we don’t have time to write content, but we’ve made 200 sites”, or “site is still under development”. It is very rare that a company has a very large customer base but does not have the time to promote itself.

Carefully study the software developers’ websites, making sure that the company has an office and a designated representative in the directory.

2. Ask about relevant experience and technology

What projects have they done, in what business fields? When choosing a Vietnamese outsourcing company, it is very important that their previous projects. If they’ve completed a project in your line of business, it’s almost certainly easier for them to organize their work, and chances are they already have successful, tried-and-true solutions.

Also, ask the company representative what technologies they envision using to develop your software. One of the advantages of working with real professionals is that they can provide you with a different solution than what you originally envisioned, but more effective and affordable.

3. Check out the reviews of other customers

They may be published on the company’s website or on third-party resources. For example, reviews on Clutch.co are very carefully checked by management for authenticity and contain a lot of information about the completed project.

4. Inquire about methods and stages of development

Ask company representatives about the methods they use during development. The two main methods of software development today are Agile and Waterfall; each method has its pros and cons.

Agile methods, including Scrum, are trending these days. Their advantages are iterative, step-by-step development and maximum customer involvement in the process. At the end of every two weeks, you should get results that can clearly signal how development is going.

Regarding the working stages in the project, everything here is both difficult and simple. Experts approach the project in a professional manner. The company should analyze your business, needs and target audience, before starting work.

5. Attitude towards NDA . signing

Vietnamese outsourcing companies that tend to cheat, delay deadlines or simply drop customers midway will resist signing this agreement.

It is better to start a project with a software developer based on a signed contract, and if necessary, also sign an NDA. This will allow you to protect your interests and protect the intellectual property of the product. Even if it requires additional costs, security is worth it.

6. Are product tests included?

A good Vietnamese outsourcing always has QA experts on staff who can be allocated to work on your project. Their mission is to find possible errors in order to bring the product to market in the most efficient way.

In real life, customers who have a negative experience using your app for the first time are unlikely to return.

7. Don’t be tempted by low prices

You need a quality mobile app, not a cheap one, so don’t be tempted by the low prices some companies offer. The cheap development option is a shortcut to disappointment.

A professional knows the value of their work and values ​​it accordingly. Trying to save for the sake of saving will, in most cases, lead to a situation where you get a product that doesn’t add any value to your business.

If your budget isn’t enough to book today, wait a month. Don’t ruin a good idea with poor execution!

Looking for reliable partners

Potado fully meet all of the above criteria and be one of the leading software developer in Vietnamwhich combines proven practices with innovative approaches in the execution of projects.

You can always use Potado’s experience and knowledge to create high-quality, proprietary software products. Just contact Potado, and their team will help you in every aspect of product development and market penetration.

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