7 Unpublished Pulp Fiction Films Will Be Auctioned By Quentin Tarantino Director Quentin Tarantino As NFT

7 Unpublished Pulp Fiction Films Will Be Auctioned By Quentin Tarantino Director Quentin Tarantino As NFT

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2021-11-07 07:02:35

Although the film Pulp Fiction has long been famous in the world, but recently the famous director of this film, Quentin Tarantino said that there are still 7 unreleased clips of this film. And now he plans to auction the footage as NFT.

Built on top of the Secret Network, these NFTs will include not only footage but also excerpts from the film’s original script as well as exclusive commentary from Tarantino himself. These comments will reveal “Secrets about the movie and its creator“.

These NFTs will begin to be auctioned on the NFT OpenSea exchange. Because they are built on top of the Secret Network, an ecosystem that prioritizes privacy, only holders of these NFTs can view the content within it – that is, videos and accompanying documents – due to Transaction and ownership data is encrypted.

Pulp Fiction – crap – is a film that weaves together many messy and suspenseful stories about crime in Los Angeles. This is considered one of the most influential films of the past 30 years and has a 96% rating of the audience on Rotten Tomatoes.

Typically, NFTs build on other blockchains like Ethereum, where transaction and ownership data is publicly available by default. This is a double-edged sword: transparency on the blockchain helps validate transactions, but it also makes these transactions traceable, despite the nicknames commonly used in the crypto world. chemical.

“Pulp Fiction” was the film that helped Mr. Tarantino win the Oscar for best original screenplay in 1994. An honor that was not until 2012’s “Django Unchained” , Mr. Tarantino won a second time.

I’m excited to present exclusive footage from Pulp Fiction to the fans.” Mr. Tarantino said in the statement last Tuesday.

For those unfamiliar with the NFT, it is digital tokens that are “minted” on the blockchain so that it has a unique verified identity, making them exceptionally valuable digital collectibles. . Last year, an NFT by artist Mike Winkelman — aka Beeple — sold for $69 million.

“Pulp Fiction” isn’t the first film to be auctioned off as NFT either. In September, VeVe Partners and MGM Studios announced the release of James Bond NFTs from “No Time to Die” – the latest installment in the James Bond film series.

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