7 Websites That Offer the Perfect Keto Menu for Beginners

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2021-06-28 10:11:46

You may have heard of the ketogenic or “keto” diet. It’s a low-carb diet that puts your body into a trans fat-burning state known as “ketosis.”

Fans everywhere of the keto diet appreciate the weight loss results achieved after the experience. And the keto diet is so popular, it even has its own holiday – National Keto Day, which is celebrated every year on January 5.

If you’re ready to jumpstart the keto diet trend in 2021, here are the 7 best sites to find quick and easy keto recipes to get you started.

Low Carb Africa

If the thought of indulging in West African delicacies like elderberry excites you, check out this website. Low Carb Africa presents a range of low-carb African inspired recipes, very simple, easy to follow.

The creator of Low Carb Africa is Tayo Oredola, a Nigerian-American software engineer who has been adopting the keto lifestyle since 3 years ago. She suffers from severe migraines and hears people talking about the benefits of the keto diet. In the end, Tayo decided to try this regimen and within a month her headaches were gone.

By finding low-carb alternatives and using natural ingredients, Tayo makes it easy for even the most carb junkies to try keto.

Low Carbing Asian
Low Carbing Asian

Low Carbing Asian is a website run by Jo and Mark, a couple living in Los Angeles. Their website features keto recipes from around the world. Jo was first attracted to the keto lifestyle after she developed gestational diabetes during her pregnancy.

She researched and tried keto after giving birth. Soon, her husband followed suit and shortly after, Low Carb Asian was born.

Low Carbing Asian features healthy, Asian-inspired recipes that anyone just starting out on the keto diet can make. They also have a wide variety of drink recipes, from familiar favorites like “Keto Hot Matcha Latte” to more quirky keto recipes like “Cream Cheese Foam Green Tea” if you want to try some new things.

The Big Man's World
The Big Man’s World

How do you make a healthy and sugar-free marzipan? Don’t worry, Arman Liew, cookbook author and creator of The Big Man’s World, has the answer for you.

While Arman Liew’s website isn’t exclusively keto, it still has hundreds of keto dessert, breakfast, and snack recipes you can make, with just a few ingredients.

Arman Liew is a strong advocate for not giving up sweets entirely, but instead focusing on switching to healthier foods!

Headbanger's Kitchen
Headbanger’s Kitchen

Sahil Makhija, a content creator and YouTuber, is the owner of the website Headbanger’s Kitchen. The site offers recipes for keto breakfasts, dinners, desserts, and appetizers for its readers.

The site also contains a Q&A page, shopping list, and meal plan to help those who are just starting out on keto, but don’t know where to start.

For those who like Indian food, Sahil Makhija has included keto versions of street favorites from India like Keto Pakodas and Keto Chutney.

I Breathe, I'm Hungry
I Breathe, I’m Hungry

Who says you can’t lose weight and still eat delicious meals on a ketogenic diet?

Meet Mellissa Sevigny, a cookbook author and blogger from Connecticut. She first experimented with the idea of ​​a low-carb lifestyle in 2012, when she started posting low-carb recipes on her blog.

After a while, Mellissa decided to try keto for herself. She quickly became bored with the standard keto meal of eggs and steak. This prompted her to experiment with ways to develop keto recipes that are both easy to prepare and delicious.

Now, Mellissa’s blog offers delicious, low-carb recipes that even followers of other diets like Paleo, Whole 30, and Vegan can incorporate into their meals.

Meat Free Keto
Meat Free Keto

Vegetarians can also join a keto program. Whether you’re a vegan or looking to cook something meat-free, Meat Free Keto has hundreds of sugar-free, starchy, low-carb dishes to choose from.

Liz MacDowell, owner of Meat Free Keto, and nutrition consultant. Her website contains hundreds of healthy vegan recipes from around the world.

Besides the recipes, there’s a vegan keto macro calculator on the site, which provides information about your daily carb intake by height and body weight.

And that’s not all. If you don’t want the hassle of choosing your dinner menu every day, Meat Free Keto has specialized meal plans and meal package options to make sure you always know what you’re going to eat.

Keto in Pearls
Keto in Pearls

Keto in Pearls owner Anna clearly reflects her love of keto through the recipes on her website.

If you’re craving something like Keto buttermilk toast, or Keto crispy chicken thighs, Anna’s keto recipes are perfect for those looking for a hearty keto dinner.

Many of the recipes on this site are also appealing to kids with picky palates. So you never have to worry about cooking a separate meal for yourself and other dishes for the kids again.


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