8 mistakes when using air conditioners cause electricity bills to skyrocket, affecting health

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2021-06-04 22:22:47

During hot summer days, many families choose to use air conditioners to bring a more comfortable atmosphere. However, there are wrong habits when using air conditioners that few people pay attention to, causing your electricity bills to increase but also affecting the health of each family member. In this article, we will list 8 easy mistakes when using air conditioners.

Mistakes when using the air conditioner

1. Install the air conditioner in the hot corner position

Many people often choose to install the air conditioner in the hottest area of ​​the room, even the corner of the wall, believing that this will help the room cool down quickly and the air will escape cooler. However, it is a misconception because that position will cause the air conditioner to operate overloaded and use more electricity than usual.

The most suitable and ideal place to install the air conditioner is the cool, airy and located in the center of the room.

2. Do not use the fan

Many people think that turning on the air conditioner, the room is already cool, no need to use an electric fan anymore. However, turning on the fan in an air-conditioned room brings many benefits, both helping to circulate air around the room, and helping to save electricity bills and reduce electrical wear.

3. Choose the wrong mode

On the air conditioner control, there are different cooling modes for users to choose from such as Auto (Auto), cooling (Cool), drying (Dry), fan mode (Fan)… However, many People do not pay attention to these modes when using, causing the air conditioner to not do the right thing, causing an increase in electricity bills.

  • Cool mode: You should choose this mode when you need to cool quickly and keep the room temperature stable as the selected level.
  • Fan mode: The fan will still run but the air conditioner will turn off. This mode is suitable when you want air to circulate in the room but do not need cooling.
  • Dry mode: Helps reduce the humidity in the room, suitable for rainy days when the humidity outside is high. However, you should only turn on this mode for about 1-2 hours, because if used for a long time, it will make the air in the room dry, which can lead to dry cornea, dry nasal mucosa, dry skin ..

4. Turn off the machine when the room is cold enough

Many people believe that when the room is cold enough, turning off the air conditioner will save electricity and reduce the load on the air conditioner. Therefore, many people often turn off the air conditioner when it is cool enough and turn it on again when the room temperature rises. Even many people have the habit of constantly turning on / off with the desire to save electricity.

This is a mistake that consumes more power and quickly damages the machine. For inverter air conditioners, when turning on the machine again, the air conditioner must consume a lot of power to start the compressor, fan motor and to cool the air to the required temperature. Continuous On/Off operation also makes the air conditioner less durable.

5 mistakes inherent to every family when using air conditioners

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Should maintain room temperature at a stable level, not turn off the air conditioner completely. The ideal temperature difference between the air-conditioned room temperature and the outside temperature is about 5-7 degrees Celsius. Also, always turn the unit on and off about 30 minutes before going out.

After using the remote control to turn off the machine, please disconnect the Aptomat (the power switch to the machine) because in fact, when turned off by the remote control, the machine still consumes some power. In addition, disconnecting the power to the machine is also to prevent the case of electric shock, causing damage to the machine.

5. Close the door when using the air conditioner

This is a familiar habit when we use air conditioners. However, the air in a closed room can become much more toxic than the outdoor air and is prone to producing many harmful bacteria when there is no regular gas exchange.

5 mistakes inherent to every family when using air conditioners

The room door should not be completely closed when using the air conditioner because the air in the room needs to be air-conditioned to avoid pollution. Ideally, about 30 minutes – 1 hour should open the room door. Priority should be given to choosing air conditioning products with an air filter function to filter out dust and bacteria.

6. Temperature setting too low

Many air conditioner users think that choosing a lower temperature will make the air conditioner increase its capacity and cool the room faster. However, whether the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius or 16 degrees Celsius, it still cannot change the actual temperature in the room. Moreover, when choosing a temperature that is too low, the machine will have to work continuously, leading to an increase in power use and a decrease in the life of the air conditioner.

Even with inverter models, this method is only correct to a small extent, the machine can only reduce capacity but cannot increase capacity beyond its limit. Not to mention, if the temperature is low compared to the outside, it will cause thermal shock when we step out of the room.

7. Not cleaning the air conditioner

If dirt is attached, the cooling capacity of the air conditioner will be reduced and it will take more power to cool to the required temperature. Therefore, to ensure that the air conditioner can provide enough cold air, it is necessary to regularly ventilate the outdoor and indoor units to prevent dirt from sticking to them.

Old air conditioners (used for about 2 years) that are not cleaned and maintained carefully will be very dirty. Plaque, dirt, and cobwebs will create an adhesive layer. If dust is in the filter of the indoor unit, the air conditioner will not be able to blow cold air into the room. In the outdoor unit, it can easily lead to clogging, not ventilation for the outdoor unit to radiate heat when the air conditioner is in operation.

Mistakes when using air conditioner

8. Let the air conditioner run continuously

On hot days, many homes often leave the air conditioner running continuously. However, doing so will cause your electricity bill to skyrocket. If you go out for a long time, it is recommended to turn off the air conditioner to save energy. In addition, it is also recommended to use the timer button on the remote control.

In addition, you should also use the additional night mode in some new air conditioner models today. This mode supports gradually increasing the temperature (usually every hour the machine will increase by 0.5 degrees and up to 2 degrees Celsius) to prevent users from waking up at night due to feeling cold. When the machine temperature increases, it also means that the operating capacity decreases and saves more electricity.

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