8 safe video viewing apps for kids on Android and iPhone

8 safe video viewing apps for kids on Android and iPhone


2021-04-02 09:51:03

Try giving a smart phone or tablet to a child. They will quickly be available on YouTube to watch their favorite videos only. However, the truth is that YouTube is not particularly safe for children.

So if your kid gets bored and needs entertainment, here are the best YouTube alternatives for kids that you can install on your Android or iOS device.

Safe YouTube alternative for kids

1. Jellies

Instead of letting your kids waste time watching cartoons, you can encourage them to learn with the Jellies app. Jellies is available for iOS, but you can also find it on the Amazon App Store for Android devices.

Jellies processes videos by hand-selecting each one that will be shown to children. Behind Jellies are human moderators so you can rest assured that your children are protected from anything harmful.

If you want more control, you can create playlists yourself to limit what your kids can watch. Videos are grouped by age group or by topic.

You get a 30-day trial for yourself. After that, Jellies will charge $ 4.99 / month (115,000VND).

Download Jellies.

2. Nick Jr.

Nick Jr.

Nick Jr.’s famous children’s entertainment channel There’s a separate app (also known as Nick Jr.) so the kids can watch their favorite videos safely. The app is completely free and available for both iOS and Android devices.

However, this app doesn’t just contain video content. Nick Jr. there are also kid-friendly games and songs. All content is based on Nick Jr. shows, so there’s nothing harmful to kids here.

Some TV shows require you to subscribe to Nick Jr. Before the content can be viewed, but most of the in-app content is free.

Download Nick Jr. for Android | iOS (Free).

3. KiddZTube


KiddZTube is another application that helps keep children safer while enjoying video content. This application caters primarily to young children and preschoolers.

The videos that KiddZTube displays are all selected from YouTube. The team behind the app are dedicated teachers. They choose videos, check their safety and add some additional content. Selected videos contain quizzes, additional instructions or include some extra lessons.

Because the selection of content is curated by an educator, it is definitely an app that can help your child learn. However, in addition to educational purposes, KiddZTube also has cartoons, music, and interesting stories for your child to enjoy.

You have 14 days to try KiddZTube, after which a monthly subscription costs $ 3.99 / month (90,000VND).

Download KiddZTube for Android | iOS.

4. Kidoodle.TV


Another powerful YouTube alternative for kids is Kidoodle.TV, a subscription-based video streaming service. The videos are censored by parents just like you.

When opening the app, you can choose the age of the video you want to watch, from 0 to 12 years old or “All ages” (all ages) to see full range. You don’t need an account, but if you sign up for a subscription, you’ll get access to parental controls. You can monitor usage, disable specific videos and set usage limits.

Videos on Kidoodle.TV include both educational, entertaining and playful content.

Kidoodle.TV is free to use, but you can disable ads with a premium subscription. You also get 100GB of storage space for home videos, as well as access to some additional videos. Optional subscription costs $ 4.99 (115,000VND) / month, or $ 49.99 (1,150,000VND) / year.

Download Kidoodle.TV for Android | iOS.

5. YouTube Kids

Youtube Kids

One of the best alternatives to YouTube is YouTube Kids. If you can’t help your kids “get rid of” YouTube, it’s better to limit what they can see. The YouTube Kids app, for Android and iOS, helps you do just that, and it’s completely free.

YouTube Kids restricts access to YouTube to prevent children from watching unsafe videos. However, installing YouTube Kids doesn’t mean your kids are completely safe. There have been occasional reports that inappropriate videos and ads still appear in the app.

Given the amount of videos available on the platform, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, and you should continue to monitor your child’s usage if they use this app. For added peace of mind, you can turn off video search and schedule usage, and block specific videos or YouTube channels from being shown.

Download YouTube Kids for Android | iOS (Free).

6. Netflix

Netflixfor children

If you’ve subscribed to a Netflix subscription, a variety of children’s video content is available on it. The Netflix app includes a separate section for kids that includes TV shows and movies targeting children of all ages.

Since this is part of the main Netflix app, you’ll need to take a look at the parental controls on Netflix first. These features allow you to prevent your children from “straying” into adult content by adding a PIN and restricting certain content. You can also customize different profiles for different age groups.

All you need to do is create a new Netflix profile and choose “For Children” in the settings. You can also set more specific ages on the Netflix website, to limit content to both toddlers and older children.

The Netflix app also lets you download video content to watch on the go, so it’s a great app to help your kids be more obedient when you’re not at home.

Download Netflix for Android | iOS (There is a free trial, subscription priced at $ 8.99 – 215,000 / month).

Apps like YouTube Kids exist because Google knows that it’s impossible to ignore the dangers of online video content to young children. These apps provide safer videos for kids, but parents and educators should still be wary.

7. GoNoodle


Don’t just focus on brainstorming. Diversification into other areas of interest is great for your child. GoNoodle helps kids learn some yoga, fun dances, and other fitness activities through its interactive tutorials. You must use your email account when signing in – a plus for your child’s safety – as they can’t start before you make any authorization. The interface is quite intuitive, suitable for children aged 6 and up, helping your kids learn without much distractions, as this app has no ads.

Download GoNoodle for Android | iOS

8. New Sky Kids

New Sky Kids
New Sky Kids

What’s amazing with this kid-safe YouTube alternative is that parents take the initiative to create videos with their kids and their friends on their own – what makes this app so glorified.

Many programs focus on positive behavior such as learning to apologize when you hurt someone and other good gestures. This is a paradise with positive messages and some educational values ​​for ages 6 years old. Your kids will have a super fun, engaging and safe experience with New Sky Kids.

Download New Sky Kids for Android | iOS

The YouTube for kids alternatives on this list are all trustworthy options, but since some videos are still sourced from YouTube, you should still check before installing any apps.

Whichever decision you make, the most important thing is to teach your kids the basics of Internet safety, so they visualize dangerous things to stay away from.

Wish you choose the right application!


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