8 useful work tips for young people

8 useful work tips for young people


2021-03-27 06:40:26

Surely everyone has been advised that: “Work smart rather than work too hard”, But is hard work a smart way to work? 8 useful work tips for young people The following will probably evoke or help you break through in the search for success, because they have been so effective in my life. Invite you to consult!

1. Find someone whose lifestyle or job you desire

Simply based on personal experience, this person will show you how they can understand where they stand and understand themselves.

While they may not be able to make it easy right away, send the person an email to make an informal appointment at a cafe and learn more about the person’s career path. that.

In fact, I, the author of this article, did this three times while working in the banking industry. Most bankers are not known for their easy-going personalities, but they are known for their outstanding personal image. Could such a successful person want more than to share his experience with you?

2. Develop skills that are “unique” and personal, not necessarily work-related

Develop skills that are

All competitors have the necessary skills and experience to “outperformed“You are in a fight for your favorite job.” This is like driving at peak hours in the city, if you want to overtake other people then you need to go on the roads with the highest efficiency. Obviously you will finish slower if you choose the narrower roads.

The above situation is also easily seen in work skills: you need to be steadfast in using important skills, but if using these skills takes too much effort, you will feel like this. too much to bear while trying to get the job done. Developing skills “poison“Not every competitor has a role to play. It will make you enjoyable and productive.

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3. Find a mentor

Find a mentor

Ideally, have a boss in your company. It could actually be anyone with a lot of experience working in the field you’re doing: someone who is well-known and influential. And again, if you create sympathy for this person, you will have a place to answer hundreds of questions related to your career path. Furthermore, they are even more important when you need someone to secure yourself.

4. Rearrange daily efforts to achieve what you want in the future

Rearranging your daily efforts to get what you want in the future

If you can portray your success picture impressively, ask yourself: “Have I done something remarkable right now?“. If the answer is no, roll up your sleeves and get into the game right away.

You cannot walk slowly in the crowd if you want to take the lead one day. So are you ready to do something today to stand out from other individuals?

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5. 5 year planning

5 year plan

Not only does this plan help you figure out where you want to go on your career path in the next five years, but more importantly it has to be a blueprint: “How can I get to the destination?“.

Start from where you want to go in the next 5 years and then start to step back, step by step, even including the tasks / projects / achievements you need to achieve between steps like so. As a result, you may feel panic. If you are an ambitious person, you will realize that you have to take these steps now.

6. Don’t think, “It must happen, it will happen.”

Don't think:

This thought will make you feel extremely comfortable and effective when gradually “recover“After your failure. Actually, this reason is just an excuse for you not to do anything.

Of course, it will also be venom for your accomplishments if you are careless because this way of thinking removes the burden on your workflow and allows you to be more and more passive, instead of taking over. move to achieve your goals.

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7. Surround yourself with people you respect and distance yourself from individuals who spread the negativity

Surround yourself with people you respect and distance yourself from individuals who spread negativity

People tend to redefine what ordinary is, what is possible and what is recognized as successful based on the views of those around it. In fact, you can get things that no one thought would be possible if you re-adjust your standards to a higher level.. The more successful or happy you are, the more you will become a source of spiritual encouragement or make your friends or colleagues feel more negative.

Build a community of people you respect so that you can raise your standards and achieve higher results. Stay away from people who are demoralizing to judge your abilities, a way that makes them feel comfortable. Remember, people you respect may have objective, multidimensional thinking or cause you to be extreme with a single way of thinking.

8. Actual intelligence is a more important predictor of success than IQ

Actual intelligence is a more important predictor of success than IQ

Let’s start exercise intelligence from now on. A decent IQ is vital to any attractive job, but it is not an absolute indicator of success.

In fact, studies show that when your IQ is high (above 125), this is required for most of the top jobs in the world. A more reliable factor than one’s intelligence of success is creativity and “practical intelligence” their.

Malcolm Gladwell, the author “Outliers“, has described that:”That is not pure knowledge. That is what will help you understand the actual situation correctly and have a solution in your direction “. A high IQ will help you handle your assigned tasks smoothly, but not enough to make you stand out from everyone. To be successful, you have to create your own work, identify what would be done without you participating.

After reading the above article, do you have any useful advice for young people? Have you ever received effective advice from experts? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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Having fun!


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