9 ‘simple’ tips to help you charge your iPhone faster

9 ‘simple’ tips to help you charge your iPhone faster

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2021-04-08 04:06:44

Charging your iPhone can be simple. However, during use, you may accidentally slow down the charging process. If you’re in a hurry and need to get up to speed on your iPhone battery fastest, here might be the ways to help you.

Charge in a cool environment

Temperature is the enemy of your battery, but you don’t need to turn on the air conditioner when you charge your iPhone. What you should do is when plugging in the charger, be careful to keep the phone away from heat sources such as refrigerators, stoves or direct sunlight. That will help the battery refill process faster.

Use an electric charger

Make sure to use the charger plugged into the power source. Many people have the habit of charging iPhone using the USB port on the computer, but it takes a long time to fully fill the battery. The power source from the USB port on the computer usually has a small capacity and low voltage, so it will charge very slowly.

Buy a quick charger

Many new-generation iPhone models no longer come with chargers. Therefore, you should buy yourself a quick charger to make the battery full faster. Apple does sell a 30W fast charger, but if you use an older iPhone, you will have to buy a USB type – Lightning cable.

In addition to genuine iPhone fast charging, you can also refer to other fast charging brands such as Anker, iClever. If you have an iPad you can also use the iPad charger instead of fast charging.

Do not charge wirelessly

Wireless charging starts to support iPhone 8 and up. While it’s convenient to just put your iPhone down and charge, wireless charging has one downside: the speed is slow. Wireless chargers work much slower than plug-in chargers, which is why you should skip wireless charging in a hurry.

Power off the phone

While still on and charging, iPhone will still use the battery to maintain activities in the background, connections that make the battery last longer. The solution is very simple if you want to charge faster than power off your phone. Simply select settings> general settings> select power off (shut down).

Turn on airplane mode

In some cases it’s not necessary to turn off the power, you can simply turn on airplane mode. Once turned on, your phone turns off Wi-Fi and disconnects the cellular signal and saves power significantly, allowing the phone to charge faster.

Turn on low power mode

If you really still need to stay connected while charging your iPhone, you can turn on low power mode. This mode will cut down on apps running in the background but still keep your mobile connection or any other connection you want to keep so you don’t miss important calls, texts, or emails.

Do not use the phone while it is charging

It is obvious that using your phone while charging will cause the battery to consume more power, although the full charge speed will be faster than the rate of use of the battery, leading to a prolonged battery energy accumulation. In addition, using the battery while charging is said to make the battery more prone to bottle.

Perform the cycle of draining the battery

This is not something you should do every day, but something you should keep in mind if you want to charge your battery faster. According to BI, your iPhone battery will charge more efficiently if used from 100% to completely exhausted about once a month or so. Let your phone work from time to time until it powers off before plugging in to charge.


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