A large playing brokerage company that pays users cash for them to buy bitcoins

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2021-03-31 05:00:26

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Mogo, a Canadian-based listed mortgage broker with a market capitalization of around $ 435 million, is currently rewarding users with cash for them to buy bitcoins.

Specifically, when a user takes a new mortgage or refinance with Mogo, the company will reward them up to 3,100 CAD ($ 2,460) as a free refund in their Bitcoin & Rewards account. , this money can only buy bitcoins.

Mogo is not an unfamiliar name in the cryptocurrency field, recently allowing customers to buy and sell bitcoins through its MogoCrypto service.

Additionally, last month, Mogo also announced that it would buy nearly a 20% stake in cryptocurrency exchange Coinsquare for about $ 56.4 million. Mogo also recently announced plans to invest in bitcoin in its balance sheet.

Rewarding users for buying bitcoins is not really new to Mogo. This program used to be only for Mogo Visa Platinum prepaid members, but now due to rising demand, it has been extended to MogoMortgage customers.

“Our bitcoin buying cash bonus program is intended to provide our members with more ways to accumulate bitcoins. Given the volatile and speculative nature of bitcoin, more and more Canadians are looking to enter this market and our bitcoin buying bonus program is meeting this demand, ”said David Feller, chief executive. Mogo said.

Mogo CFO, Greg Feller, said: “The housing mortgage market in Canada is a huge market estimated at around $ 1.7 trillion and we are pleased to provide Canadians in a way. great to mortgage while at the same time making bitcoins ”.

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