A series of advantages of the new generation Ford Everest’s intelligent lighting system

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2022-11-23 09:05:50

Thanks to the advanced lighting technology on the New Generation Ford Everest, night driving has become more comfortable. For example, the driver can use the Matrix LED lighting system with anti-glare headlights to enhance lighting levels without blinding other traffic participants.

Statistically, we only spend about 25% of our day driving at night, but experts say the risk of a fatal accident at this time is three times higher than during the dayii . The reason is that drivers often don’t make good use of headlights at night, and even in ideal conditionsii, the risks of driving at night would be much greater than during the day.

“Ford anti-glare headlights help drivers get the most out of their headlights, meaning they can see a greater portion of the road ahead and not distract other road users,” Andrews said. Kok, Ford Senior Technical Engineer.

Here’s how the Matrix LED lighting system works: This advanced headlight system uses the vehicle’s front camera to detect the front or rear lights of other vehicles from a distance. up to 800 meters away, from which to track the part of the road that is moving. The system will monitor the vehicle when it is in the corner and adjust the light intensity to keep the car in a state of “in the dark”. At the same time, the area around the vehicle is also monitored and will be optimally illuminated by the headlights.

“The low beams usually have a beam distance of up to 70 meters, but the headlights can shine as far as about 200 meters,” said Kok. for the driver to feel safer without worrying about blinding other road users.”

In addition, the Matrix LED lighting system with anti-glare headlights on the New Generation Everest is also equipped with a brightness enhancement feature, using an LED cluster to provide 30% more light than the projector lamp. Simple Matrix LED light.

“This brightness enhancement feature is one of the features on the Next Generation Everest that we are very proud of. We also know that for customers who drive long distances frequently, they will appreciate this feature.” Kok said.

Kok said that using headlights in the right situations and positions will greatly enhance the driver’s visibility. This can be explained because the headlights are originally designed with a long beam angle, while the low beam lights will have a low beam angle and point down to the road in front of the car. The low beam will often be used when there is a lot of light around the vehicle, be it from other traffic or street lights.

“The beam angle of the headlights is designed upwards to have a longer beam, from which the driver can observe the events happening in front and on both sides of the vehicle in a much more timely manner than using the headlights alone. close-up,” added Kok.

Besides, because the car not only goes on straight roads, the low beam lights (cos lights) on the New Generation Ford Everest are also equipped with an automatic lighting angle balance feature. This feature uses sensors to measure the vehicle’s speed and steering angle to rotate the headlights in response to each turn, allowing the driver to see the road ahead more clearly than with conventional straight beams. The lights on the New Generation Everest can be rotated up to 15 degrees, enough to illuminate most corners, improving visibility for the driver.

Everest New Generation also owns a lighting system with the ability to adjust the lighting angle statically or dynamically when entering a bend. This system will provide additional light when the vehicle is moving on the street and will be activated at low speed when the vehicle is making sharp turns. The static or dynamic lighting angle adjustment feature will not only assist the vehicle when cornering, but will also be activated when the vehicle is in reverse gear to provide additional light when the driver reverses at night.

“We have invested a lot of brainpower to develop the Matrix LED lighting system with anti-glare headlights on the New Generation Everest to ensure that the driver can see the road better without blinding the road users. other means of transport,” concludes Kok.

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