A solid foundation for a future network

A solid foundation for a future network


2021-12-04 07:43:40

With over 30 years in copper and fiber products, CommScope has launched the SYSTIMAX solution – born of innovation, backed by the strength and vision of a global leader.

SYSTIMAX is CommScope’s high-end product line, positioned in a high position, helping to create more advantages for CommScope over other brands. SYSTIMAX is one of the most reliable and optimal choices in the rapidly changing network environment.

CommScope and SYSTIMAX set the standard for both the present and the future

Built on the science of innovation, CommScope’s flagship line of copper- and fiber-structured SYSTIMAX cabling solutions has been meeting, and beating, industry standards — often before they were even written.

CommScope used to produce OM5 broadband multimode fiber, making a turning point for the emergence of OM5 multimode fiber to the telecommunications cable market. GigaSPEED® X10D and XL were also introduced by CommScope many years before the ANSI/TIA Cattegory 6/6A standard was published. Similarly, CommScope’s single-mode TeraSPEED fiber was released three years before the telecommunications industry standard OS2.

SYSTIMAX delivers performance, flexibility, and reliability that no other solution can match

End-to-end copper and fiber solutions SYSTIMAX has proven performance with its integrated AIM hardware and software systems, helping network managers to support and manage converging ready networks, while ensuring plenty of bandwidth for future growth. SYSTIMAX performance can be said to have surpassed conventional industry standards.

SYSTIMAX has a portfolio that supports converged networking, data, video, cellular, Wi-Fi and IoT systems, along with AIM-based visibility and fiber management. This allows administrators to more proactively and effectively manage complex networks. Legacy cable assemblies, highly flexible management bar and MPO connection options greatly reduce installation time.

As a product running on a high-speed platform, SYSTIMAX helps to provide clear, smooth, and fast optical fiber contact. SYSTIMX is suitable for equipment with 90-Watt PoE power, SPE, Multigigabit applications, 1+Gbps Wifi and extended link distances.

SYSTIMAX®: A solid foundation for a future network - Photo 2.

Securing the leading position of the business

CommScope ensures that specifications and performance will adapt and help businesses run any application at greater speed. With SYSTIMAX as the foundation, your network can be rest assured that it’s ready for today’s needs — and evolving to meet all of tomorrow’s expectations. The comprehensive support services that CommScope and ADG provide include the steps of Planning, Design, Implementation and Operations. Providers of SYSTIMAX solutions can guarantee the links that support applications with exceptional performance.

COMMSCOPE is a global corporation that helps companies around the world design, build and manage wired and wireless networks. Commscope’s network infrastructure solutions help customers increase bandwidth, optimize existing capacity, improve network performance, use energy efficiently, and simplify technology transition.

Commsope products are used in indoor and outdoor, data centers and buildings, compatible with a wide range of applications and satisfy various requirements and complexity.

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