A whale suddenly moves 10,000 BTC after more than 7 years of ‘unconsciousness’

A whale suddenly moves 10,000 BTC after more than 7 years of ‘unconsciousness’


2021-03-25 12:02:39

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Recently, the Crypto community is buzzing about a whale after a long period of lying still suddenly moving large amounts of BTC.

Specifically, this whale has moved more than half a billion dollars in Bitcoin after a period of more than 7 years in one place.

A source from BTCparsers said that “the whale has moved 10,000 BTC worth about $ 570 million at the time of writing, most notably this BTC amount has not been moved in more than 7 years.”

BTCparsers added, “The above BTC is stored in two separate wallets, each containing 5,000 BTC and received on August 11, 2013”.

“The first wallet with a total of 27 transactions since 2013 moved 5,000 BTC into an unknown wallet. Second wallet with a total of 28 transactions since 2013 transferred 5,000 BTC to an unknown wallet ”

The addresses involved moved almost the same amount of coins at the exact same time, which clearly shows that 10,000 BTC is owned by the same whale.

10,000 BTC has not moved since August 11, 2013 even though it experienced a 2017 bull run.

Many people on twitter said that they admire this whale’s will because not everyone has the courage to hodl until now.

“Like me, I probably sold it when it reached $ 19,000.”

“How can you hold that BTC in such a long time?”

“This is really the holder”

The new wallets that currently hold BTC do not appear to have any association with exchanges, institutional investors … where they can be traded or traded on the open market.

It is estimated that at the time of August 2013 the Bitcoin price was hovering around $ 300, which has now yielded its holders a return of more than 17,000% over seven years.

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