Aavegotchi spent over $ 2 million on Rarity Farming Season 1!

Aavegotchi spent over $ 2 million on Rarity Farming Season 1!


2021-04-01 10:15:49

Let’s earn the GHST token prize worth more than 2 million USD during 8 weeks!


Rarity Farming Season One officially started on April 20 (April 20), and competition has started to heat up! As soon as #AavegotchiDAO agrees with the rescheduling of Haunt 2, this top race will Only 10k Aavegotchi from Haunt 1 attended. This happens when all 10k Portals are opened and 10k Aavegotchi is summoned. (Currently, only about half of the Portals are used to summon Aavegotchi!).

We are pleased to announce that the total award for Rarity Farming Season 1 will be 1,400,000 GHST – more than 2 million USD!

The reward this time is up to 1 million GHST higher than originally intended for Rarity Farming SZN 1, and as a result, we will adjust the original reward curve, which only extended the award. rewarded for 2000 Aavegotchi.

Aavegotchi is redefining the boundaries of game play and monetization, and the message of Season One Rarity Farming is – Gotchi Gang Gainz! If you own your own Aavegotchi, then you are farming GHST.

Now let’s take a look at the numbers that have been finalized for Rarity Farming Season One.

Find out more information about Aavegotchi here.

Rarity Farming Season One Summary

  • Total awards: 1,400,000 GHST.
  • Structure of the season: The 8 weeks are divided equally into 4 rounds.
  • Begin: On Tuesday, April 20.
  • Competition category: Rarity / Kinship / XP (Experience).
  • Target: Leo rank and team will snapshot again on blockchain.
  • Top Awards: 100,000 GHST.
  • Number of awards: Each category 5000 prizes.

3 ways to make money

To make money, all you need is a baby Aavegotchi (or 2 or 3) in your wallet. The first season will have no battles that require skill or timing; You simply need to climb three rankings. How well you dress Aavegotchi, interacting with it a lot, and being active in a large community will help shape how effective you are when you plow GHSTs.

Rarity Score (70%)

The Rarity Score is the main competition category with 70% of the GHST in the Prize Pool distributed to everyone in the leaderboards. The rarity score of an Aavegotchi is shaped by:

  • Its randomly generated rarity.
  • Bonus points from the equipment and set it is wearing.
  • Adjustment points are earned when leveling up (1 point for every 3 level up).

Climb rank in this category by opening a portal and summoning rare Aavegotchi. Then add points to them with outfits that match their attributes (see where your gotchi is on the bell curve). If you earn enough XP, you can even level up and spike in even rarer directions.

The rarity Aavegotchi in the top 10 can earn 10k – 50k GHST within 8 weeks of the season.

Kinship Score (20%)

The Kinship Score category is easier to play because even the most common Aavegotchi have an equal start. Here, you need to focus on your interest in Aavegotchi. A newly summoned Aavegotchi will have an average kinship score of 50, and you can increase these points every 12 hours through any interaction with them on the blockchain.

However, if you ignore them for 24 hours, your loyalty points will be deducted 1 point! Climb this rank by peting your Aavegotchi and exchanging items, feeding them rare kinship boosters!

This table shows the total GHGs that can be harvested in all 4 Kinship plowing rounds.

Experience Score (10%)

The Experience Score is the ultimate ranking and players must do whatever they can to get as much XP as possible. In addition to using rare XP bottles, being active in the community will also help you earn XP.

XP rewards are distributed for participating in key polls on Snapshot, participating in online events, or even volunteering on the Discord channel. Climb the leaderboards by being active, engaging, and adding value to the community around you!

Please note that prizes are ranked in order from the heaviest on-chain category to the least.

How to win

There is not only one way to win prizes in Rarity Farming. Enjoy the game and harvest the crops you reap in many different categories. Try to get ranked in the top 5000 every two weeks and keep an eye on the GHST crop your gotchi gathers. Again, all you need to do is:

  1. Owns Aavegotchi.
  2. Dress it up.
  3. Pet.
  4. Join the XP boost event.
  5. WINS!


Please join Discord, Telegram or one of our many local communities to learn more, because whether the crop is big or small, the most important thing is still good friends that we are lucky to be. companion.



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